Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bryan Kent

The second installment of Meet the Stuckys is all about Bryan--a loving husband and wonderful daddy.
(I don't even know where to begin when talking about Bryan. There are just too many wonderful things to say about him, I really could go on and on!)

Bryan and I met as students at Bethel College, and as biology majors, we got to spend a lot of time in the lab together! I always joke that we fell in love in the lab. He was studying to go into medicine and I was studying to go into education. 
Here we are in our dating days.
He proposed on a ski slope in Colorado...(an amazing story!)
...and we were married on December 30, 2005. We'll be celebrating our 5 year anniversary this December! 

How would I describe Bryan? 
Bryan is loving, caring, thoughtful, generous, respectful and kind.
He is adventurous, easy going, exciting, and so funny.
People love to be around him because he is calming and happy, and he makes you feel good about yourself. He has a strong faith- he loves Christ and loves others. He is a provider, protector, and supporter.

And, so many of these qualities make him a good doctor, too. His compassion and desire to help people is something so special about him. He is in his second year of residency in family medicine. He works so hard, and I am oh-so proud of him. 

And what would a description of Bryan be without a tribute to all of his hobbies! 
He is quite the outdoorsman.
At different times during the year you can find him hunting (and look who got decked out in camo with the boys!)
biking (on the road or in the mountains!)
or fishing.
You may also find him spending time with Makenah and I, grilling, shooting his bow, exploring new places, playing with Casey, hanging out with friends and family, as well as enjoying all things coffee.

Bryan is a wonderful man! Makenah and I are so lucky to have him. 

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