Monday, September 29, 2014

Smiley kids

Here's a bit of what we've been doing, complete with some smiley kids. 
Wednesday night church started again!
 A four year old selfle.
 She gets really into the "shows" that she put on. Sometimes her eyes close when the dance gets intense.
 I put him to work. A serious job needs some serious light. 
 Some Friday night shopping.
 Zoo trip.
 Garden City got a Hobby Lobby. 
 Making bird feeders.
 Friday night football.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

State Fair and Hesston Weekend

We decided to take in the Kansas State Fair this year and make a weekend of it in Hesston staying with my brother and sister-in-law. We're SO glad that we went...we had an awesome time taking the kids to the fair, and we got to spend the whole weekend with Aaron and Maria having so much fun. It was such a great weekend!!
We drove to Hesston on Friday afternoon. I took this blurry picture of the passengers who fell asleep 6 miles down the road. Oh sweet squishy cheeks. 
 When we got there, the kids played with all their great toys, got some Casey time, and then they fixed us an amazing supper. Those two are great cooks!
After bath time, there was some snuggling and Veggie watching. 
After the kids went to bed, we stayed up snacking and laughing over Monopoly.
 Saturday after breakfast we headed to Hutchinson to enjoy the fair.
 The awesome hosts.
 We rode some rides. The strawberries were a hit.
 Logan wouldn't sit on the horse...only touch the pole. Ha!
 We had an assortment of fried fair food for lunch. While I didn't get a picture of all of our selections, we did take a picture of Bryan's. Oh my.
 Sweet sweet Maria. 
 She's talked about it for a long time...she wanted to try cotton candy so bad. It got a thumbs up.
 Viewing the farm machinery.
She looooooves her Aunt Maria.
 Visited lots of animals and walked around the grounds.
 Watched a high diving show. 
 Aaron won the kids each a stuffed animal with his dart throwing skills.
 We all went on the Ferris Wheel together. 
 We went back to Hesston and rested a little, ordered pizza for supper, and then headed to Dyck Arboretum to feed the turtles and walk around. 
 We capped off the night at Scoops in Hesston for ice-cream. 
On Sunday morning we headed out from Hesston for Wichita and got to have lunch with Blake, Brooke and Brandon!! We shopped a little, visited Brandon's house, and even made a trip to an awesome aquarium store downtown to add a new guy to our fish tank. 
What a weekend!!