Thursday, April 26, 2012

The jungle

Tuesday morning we got out the jungle playmat. This was an exciting time for both Logan and Makenah, ha! Logan had lots of animals to watch, and Makenah had lots to show him and play with herself. 
This is where she started out. Totally intrigued!
Look at all that stuff under there!
I better just get down here and see!
"Kenah can do it!" 
Of course, she was in charge of choosing the music and volume. 
 And then the legs started going up, and it looked more like a jungle gym. No thank you. 
Notice Logan is gone...She got a little rambunctious. 
Later that afternoon...a little more jungle time. 
 And there went the feet again! HaHa!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Last week we had a mini-picnic on one of these beautiful days we are having. After Makenah got up from her nap we packed a few snacks in her Elmo lunch box and took a blanket outside to sit on and play. Logan mostly napped in his carrier, but I'm sure he enjoyed the warm, fresh air.
All ready with snacks packed...
 And, all snug to relax and nap. 
Eating grapes, blowing bubbles, playing ball and watching the comings and goings in the neighborhood.
We also checked out all the flowers and butterflies in the yard.
A highlight, the SCHOOLBUS!!!!
Her sandals have velco straps and she's able to put them on and take them off herself, and we hear..."Kenah do it!" (We actually hear that a lot these days...)
Still mellow! 

We're loving this warm April weather! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Logan (1 month)

Has it been a month already?!
It's actually been 5 weeks since we brought our sweet boy home. 
I wanted to start to take some monthly pictures of him, similar to those I took with Makenah. I'm not quite sure I know what I want to do it yet, so I thought I would just figure it out along the way. I took pictures of Makenah in her crib every month laying on her blanket. While I decide what to do, I used the beautiful blanket my mom made for Logan. 

Here's our star!
We think we have quite the cutie on our hands. I think he looks like a little Stucky...more specifically, like a little Bryan. This is a common reaction from those who meet him. His dark hair, oh, his dark hair!! It's precious! He sleeps quite a bit during the day, but when he's up, we get some super bright and interested eyes. He has started to look right at us, and now notices some of the toys on his swing mobile. I'm almost certain I got a true smile yesterday, too! 
I had to get his back side, to see all that hair!
He's growing so fast! I know this because he sure likes to eat! During the day he eats every couple of hours, if not more often. At night, its about every 2-3 hours. So far, he has been good at being able to settle back down and go to sleep, so we don't have Mama/Logan parties at night anymore. 
We talk everyday about what a mellow and mostly easy-going guy he is. Makenah and I include him in most everything we do during the day, so he gets taken from room to room, or from the floor to the swing, or to his carrier to go outside, or in the stroller for a walk...
He falls asleep pretty easy in his car seat and sleeps through a lot when he's in there. And, as soon as we take off on a walk down the street he's out. Bryan and I have enjoyed reminiscing about Makenah as a baby and their differences and uniqueness. 
We sure do love this little boy! 
He's the perfect little one for our family.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter 2012

It was a wonderful Easter Sunday here at our house. My family was here to celebrate the day!
But, we were missing Bryan terribly, as he was working the whole weekend away, covering the hospital and ER in Kiowa, KS. This was the first time that we have not gone as a family while he works there, and it was especially hard not having him here for Easter.
With that being said, we had a great day!! A beautiful church service, a delicious lunch, and special family to spend the day with. 
Here are our shots from after church and from Makenah's first egg hunt. Little Logan stayed snuggled inside with Grandma Billings while she walked all over the yard looking for eggs. 

My sweeties and I. 
It was SO bright out...we are all squinting like crazy in these pictures!
 With Grandma and Grandpa B.
 And Aunt Jenna too!
The first nephew!
 Love this picture!
 Checking out her Easter basket. Luckily, she was available to help Logan with his! 
 Ahh, cute smooshy baby!!
 Let the hunting begin!
Grandpa hid the eggs outside, just like he used to do for us! Makenah enjoyed herself thoroughly!
And, we relaxed the rest of the afternoon.
Oh, here's the cute couple again!
 A captive audience during a mini performance from Aaron and Maria. Both talented musicians, they sung together for us!! We loved it!!
 There was also play dough and sidewalk chalk!
 Only Jenna could make a flower like this out of play dough. 
What a day! 
So thankful for my family, and so thankful for the gift of a Risen Savior to celebrate!