Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The weather around here has been so great the last few days. I really like being able to get out and enjoy it, and especially like going on walks. This evening we walked to our little neighborhood park and Makenah got to use the little swing again. Of course, we took lots of pictures!

On the way... 

She pulls herself all the way forward in that seat!

Casey always comes on our walks with us! He makes sure he is never left behind!
I hope this great fall weather sticks around! 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Daddy's Girl

Capturing a picture of Bryan and Makenah is one of my favorite things to do.
Seeing Bryan with her melts my heart, and the way he makes her smile brings me such joy.
What a great daddy!
And, one of the first daddy-daughter moments...
I could watch them together all day long.

Oh, 4-wheelers...

Another 4-wheelin' post? 
This one is different though.

I'm back on the saddle.
Or, seat I guess.
In the driver's seat that is.

It's been awhile.
6 years to be exact.

A little history...(both for background, and because I like to reminisce)

This was the first time Bryan took me out on a 4-wheeler. I was SO impressed with his skills! I think he was trying to impress me! (This was also my first trip to visit Garden City!)
I had never been around 4-wheelers, and immediately thought they were very cool! I enjoyed riding on them, and loved riding on the back as Bryan took me all around. They ride at the river in Garden City, and also take the whole fleet of machines to Colorado every summer to ride in the mountains. 

This was my first 4-wheelin' trip to Colorado with the boys!
It was awesome! And it was even better now that I was learning how to drive! Bryan was teaching me how to operate one of these machines, and I was liking the feeling freedom as I drove myself.

The feeling was short lived though, because on one of the afternoon rides during this trip, when I was driving a 4-wheeler myself, I lost control on the trail and the 4-wheeler and I went tumbling off the trail and down mountain. Whoa!!! 
I bailed off and the machine and I went rolling down the mountain and we both got lodged in a tree. 
We were both ok. No major injuries, and even the 4-wheeler came away mostly unscathed. 
Needless to say, I was done driving, and didn't see myself driving anytime soon.

I did get back on the backseat though, and enjoyed some river riding, and another Colorado trip in the meantime.
(Don't be fooled, I am only posing to look like the driver! Ha!)

Fast forward to last week, on our stop into Garden City on the way home from the bike trip. After some encouragement from Bryan, I was back in the driver's seat. I figured it was time, and man was it FUN! I got another lesson and did some practicing. Then we headed out to the river.
The driver...
We rode until it got dark, and I had a blast! 
Being the driver is very freeing. I'm glad Bryan gave me a nudge.
We have plans to go out riding again soon! 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Via Christi Bike Trip 2010: Part 3

On our Monday in Colorado, we spent our free time during the day enjoying downtown Frisco, eating(of course!), and doing a little shopping. I really enjoyed walking up and down Main St., looking at the shops, eating in the great restaurants, and spending time with Bryan and Makenah. 

We had breakfast at a wonderful little place called the Log Cabin Cafe. It was right up my alley! Some of you know that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! I love breakfast food! I'm talkin' a hearty breakfast, complete with some kind of eggs, meat, pancakes, etc. I can eat a lot of breakfast food! 
We we walked in and out of several shops, and enjoyed the pretty weather. It was fun to get out the sweaters and jackets for this trip. 
Even the view on Main St. was great!
We also made the short trip to Silverthorne to go the outlet mall for just a little bit. We only went in a few stores, but it was sure fun picking out some things for Makenah! Hee hee! I didn't get any pictures there because I was too focused! :)
We went back to Main St. Frisco for lunch and ate at the Boat Yard. (Are you noticing a theme? We really enjoy eating out at a good restaurant.)
After the good meal, we crossed the street and enjoyed some coffee from Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters. How could we pass that up?!
Makenah is super interested in everything these days. She likes to touch new things and see what they are all about. The warm cup was especially intriguing. 
We spent the evening with the whole group, at a western themed BBQ banquet. Everyone was encouraged to dress in their western wear, and there was delicious BBQ, good country music, and even line dancing!
What a fun night!

Tuesday was travel day, and everyone headed back to Kansas. We drove to Garden City, and stayed over there so we didn't have to drive the entire way home. So nice! 

I'm glad we got to enjoy another trip to Colorado. We made sure to especially enjoy this residency trip, since next year when Bryan is a 3rd year, he'll be home working extra hard so those 1st and 2nd year residents can be gone. :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Via Christi Bike Trip 2010: Part 2

Sunday's activity was the hallmark activity of the trip...biking! There are a couple of options the group chooses for riding in the area.  You can either ride Vail Pass or ride around Dillon Lake. Since Bryan has experienced Vail Pass many times, and I got to ride on it last year, we chose to bike around the lake. It was absolutely beautiful! Bryan is an avid bike rider, and is an excellent biking partner! This was the perfect outing for us as a family. Bryan pulls Makenah in a bike trailer, and she does so well! 
It's not unusual for Makenah to fall asleep during bike rides. She gets so relaxed and just enjoys the ride!
This is Dillon Lake Marina, and a shot of one of the popular spots to dock your sailboat. 
We rode all the way to Keystone, and then took a break to stretch, have a snack, and take some pictures. 
Makenah was very interested in Bryan's camelback drinking cord...
We rode a total of 20 miles! Lots of twists, turns, hills and declines. I hope we get to ride in this area again sometime. It was such amazing scenery. 

Sunday evening we attended a pizza party for the whole group at a local pizzeria, Frisco Depot. Great pizza and great conversation. After dinner, the fun continued with a game night back at the hotel.