Monday, August 27, 2012

Sweet potatoes

We geared up for some solid food with Logan this evening. I think pictures say it best, and I think the "what IS this" look that babies make is so so adorable. While we have plenty of baby cereal on hand, we went ahead and used sweet potatoes as the first sampling. Of course, Makenah was very helpful! 

Pre-meal...such a happy baby!
 Of course, she wanted to do it...
My favorite
Makenah was on my lap the whole time. Poor Logan looks a little stressed...
Without planning it, Makenah ended up in her "Give peas a chance" shirt this morning. Ha!
 Oh my...
When all was said and done, some sweet potatoes actually stayed in his mouth. Isn't it amazing what a "push it out" reflex those little mouths have at the beginning. I think he was intrigued though. And, Makenah was beyond intrigued. She helped me get bites, told her brother to "eat it Logie", and even had to have a sample at the end. 
Lots of cuteness around here.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Phone update

Each time I download pictures from my phone, I say to myself "Yikes, you really need to do this more often." Not only would the computer download take less time, but then I wouldn't need to post an overwhelming number of pictures on the blog each time.
So, here you go, an overwhelming number of pictures. A sampling of what my phone has seen, from where I left off last time. 

Packing moving boxes in Wichita. I bet everyone wishes their boxes got decorated!
 Trash bin! We had a lot of junk to throw away...
My nursing cover...Kenah see, Kenah do. 
One for each lap.
 Working on the "4- we-were" 
 She asks to take rides now. 
Logan and I watch from the sidelines for now. It won't be long...
 4th of July homemade ice-cream. 
 Pulling away from the house for the last time. I was exhausted, emotional and excited all rolled into one!
Logan was just tired. 
 Watering with Grandma.
 Who said high heels aren't everyday wear?
Park time in Colorado.
The drive back into western KS.
She insisted on having the fabric stacked on her!
 Doing dishes. 
 Watchind Daddy mow. (Only watching, because it was like 110 degrees outside.)
 Fast food made interesting. 
 Sno Cones in Garden City.
The park at the zoo.
 Smiley little brother watching.
 Saturday morning breakfast. 
 First trip to the GC library.
 Making taco soup. I love my crockpot. 
Until next time...

Saturday, August 18, 2012


He's moving already! 
There is no doubt that when I set Logan on his play mat, that he ends up several feet from it. We knew this was already happening from his rolling, since he can roll himself right off in either direction and from tummy and back. But, I took these pictures a couple of days ago, and I watched him scoot backwards on his tummy. In the days since then, we have noticed him start to try and push onto his knees. We can see floor under his tummy when he tries. It is so cute. 
He's going to take off before we know it. But he's just my little baby...
Oh my. 
Look how proud he looks. Ha!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back so soon...

I figured we would be frequenters of the zoo, and I was right. We went back a few days ago and took Bryan with us. Makenah mentions the zoo most days, so its easy to tell that she really likes it.
First ride like a big boy in the stroller.
 When you come to the zoo you have to get a cool animal shaped water bottle!
 Who doesn't like to ride a statue?
Not an official zoo animal...
She's a happy happy girl at the zoo! We finished by checking out the goldfish pond and called it a morning! She was worn out stroller for this big girl this trip.