Monday, October 29, 2012



Pulling up to his knees.
 And just plain happy.
 Looking for treasures with Grandma,
 We made a trip for a night to Wichita last weekend. Our first visit back since we moved. We had a fantastic time. When it was time to pack, I got out one of our bags and took it to Makenah's room to pack her and Logan's things in. As I was choosing things from her closet, she ran back and forth to the kitchen a few times, and before I knew it, she told me she was all done packing for Wichita. This was what was in her bag. A list, so you don't miss seeing anything...
Wheat thins, granola bars, graham crackers, a pink tutu, a decorative box from her dresser, BBQ sauce, oatmeal, her rubber ducky, catalina salad dressing, raisins, corn muffin mix, and fiber one bars. 
I mean, what else could a girl need? 
 A bit messier of a face after big sis feeds Logan.
 On our way to Wichita.
 Trying on hats and glasses at Gander Mountain.
 Big smiles all the time. 
 Looking at old pictures of Daddy.
 Painting a birdhouse.
Puzzles at the library.
Bubbles on a beautiful day.
 Now it's Logan's turn in my old highchair. 
 Blocks with Uncle Aaron. 
Hope you have a great week!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Logan (6 months)

Don't be confused about why I am just now writing about Logan at 6 months...
He is, in fact, 7 months old now, but my slow blogging has left me needing to post about 6 month stuff before I get 7 month old memories on here. Yikes. 

Month 6 was a big one for Logan. We continue to be amazed at how strong and tough he is. Before he turned 7 months old he completely took off crawling. He is unstoppable! As soon as the motion clicked, he was off, and you can tell he loves it. He also sits big and strong on his own now. 
His spikey little hair-do is coming in thicker everyday, and his big blue eyes look at us like this all the time! He has such expressive eyes and eyebrows, and laughs so easily. He's making lots of sweet sounds. 
I think I say it every month, but we count our blessings for such a happy, calm, content little boy. He has such a sweet disposition, and rarely fusses. Besides the occasional reminder that he is hungry or tired, our guy is good to go. 
 However, now that he is fully aware of what is going on around him, he does not like to be left out. If we leave the room to do a quick task or move to a place he can't see us, he gives a good holler. (Especially this mama!) But really, now he just takes off after us. Ha! 
 Logan's daily routine and sleep patterns are still running the same as last month. After a couple of hours of being up in the morning, he needs a short nap. He takes another nap around 1 and it lasts for a couple of hours. He typically stays awake for the rest of the day. The exception to this is if he is in his car seat and we are driving or shopping. He will readily fall asleep in there. 
 Logan weighs 19 lbs. now, and is starting to feel heavy on my arm even. I need to weigh Makenah and see how much she weighs. There is less and less difference to the feel of carrying them. He's also starting to get "bossed" around quite a bit by his sis. There is a lot of practice right now in sharing toys and space. Ha!
 Logan is a great eater, and has increased his consumption of solid food quite a bit towards the end of month 6, as he has now mastered keeping it all in his mouth. He'll eat most varieties of fruits and vegetables, but he can't handle peas. Haha. Makenah loves to feed Logan, and will pull up a chair right next to his high chair and feed him his meal. He grins at her, and goes right along with it. He's so easy going. 
Our big boy is growing so fast.
We love you Logan. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Phone stuff on a Thursday plus some applesauce.

Now there are two watching out the front door.
 Patient Casey. 
 Watching sis be silly in the kitchen.
 Keep and eye on everything. 
 Our painted pumpkins on display.
 He's everywhere. 
 Lunch out with Daddy at the local soda shop.
 Legos at Mimi and Papa's.
 Resting on Grandad. He slept like this for about 45 minutes, and then when he woke up, just decided it didn't need to be over. 
 Drums with Uncle Blake. There was a whole jam session going on that night. Bryan was rocking on the guitar while they were drumming. 
 They found the small guitar and got it out for her. 
 Having fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
 Pretending to be asleep on the way to the football game. 
 Bundled up at the game, but having fun.
 Riding her bike and collecting treasures in her basket. Pinecones, sticks, berries and leaves, etc. 
 Sneaking up unannounced. Ha!
 Big sis showing you how it works.
 Four wheeler rides. Makenah and Daddy.
 Logan's first ride. Oh my. 
He went up and down the hallway. I just shut the doors and he was free to roam. 
My birthday cake from Bryan's family. Makenah was the cooking assistant. Thirty-one candles...whoa. 
 Happy at the zoo. We had to sneak in another trip before it gets too cold. 
 Exploring at the zoo.
Feeding the fish.
 My sweethearts. 
 It was fun taking Grandma to the zoo for her first visit!
 I also caught this on video. Makenah feeding Logan. It was so sweet and quite impressive. She was so steady and gentle. And, he opened up over and over and let her do the whole meal. (Needless to say, helping in this way is a new thing now.)
 Firefighters at story time!
 And, the applesauce. 
This morning my cook and I made homemade cinnamon applesauce. It's simmering in the crockpot and I can smell it right now. She can hardly wait to eat it. 
 Logan took a catnap while we worked. 
 Dumping in more ingredients. 
 So happy to work in the kitchen together. 
 "Is it done yet?"