Monday, August 26, 2013

Tumbleweed Festival 2013

This past weekend was the annual Tumbleweed Festival here in town. We had so much fun at our first festival when we were new to town last year, we were anxious to get to go again! This is a family focused weekend, put on by local businesses and churches, with food, kids activities, and lots of live music. There are several stages featuring bands through the weekend, and then Saturday evening they feature a more well known Christian band. This year they had Sanctus Real, and it was a great concert! 

We went around lunch time, walked the park, enjoyed the kids craft tent, and also sampled some delish cuisine for lunch. 
Makenah and I polished off a funnel cake. I love funnel becomes a real treat when they only come around once a year. It was Tumbleweed last year we had one! 
 This guy would NOT try any. It was so funny! Very uncharacteristic! 
 We went back for the concert in the evening and met Bryan's parents there with our lawn chairs and picnic blanket. 
Sharing snacks.
 We took the headphones just in case...
We were plenty far away and the music was definitely not too loud, but who can pass up an opportunity to wear something like this?!
He was groovin'. 
Mimi and Papa treated us to popcorn!!
 And....Logan spent most of his time playing in their bag. Geez. 
 Then, he went after Papa's lemonade! He was serious about it!
The concert was great! Overall wonderful time!
Kids were good!
Fun music!
Great company!
Beautiful night! 
It's definitely going to be a tradition!
You can see Tumbleweed 2012 HERE.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Zoo Train

One more thing that makes me love our zoo in town...
The new train they added!
It is so cute! It's the perfect size for the kids and the ride is the prefect length. While it doesn't run on tracks, it is just wobbly enough to make it feel fun. Since the zoo here also has the option to drive through it, there was already a great path for it to take.
When we went on Friday, we had just enough time to walk around some ourselves and play at the playground there before the next departure. Then we got on for our ride! When we were done we went to feed the fish!

All aboard! We gave the conductor our tickets.
The train was a huge success! I imagine we will be frequent riders!

 We bought some fish food and set it down so they could share it and throw it in. They love doing this.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

We made it!

I left off the last blog post a couple days from moving.
We're here, there's a lot of boxes, and we enjoying our new home!!
It's been about a week and a half since our first night here. We had so much help--we couldn't have done it without the family! We had one major moving day, with a few others sprinkled in after to get more things we had stored away. I think Bryan is ready to be done carrying heavy things. 
The kids are doing well! Lots of new things to explore and get into!

I've got a bunch of pictures from Instagam that I wanted to share. 
(Side note: I have a private account on Instagram, I use it just for my own personal documenting, but I love all the pictures I have from there. If you are ever looking for something really cool to do with your Instagram pictures, you should check out Printsagram! I made Bryan a huge poster size print with hundreds of our favorite family Instagram pictures for Father's Day for his office. I framed it and it turned out amazing! It was so easy to do! I loved it!)

Filling up the pool in the backyard.
 The sweetest thing EVER!
 So many bracelets!
 Eating out in Kansas City!
 So much love.
 Checking out the aquarium in Cabelas. 
 Both so happy.
The reason for our KC visit...Brandon's White Coat ceremony, signifying the start of medical school. The four brothers.
 She had a great time at Munchkin Day camp at church. 
 They both love the park.
 She does handstands everywhere. This was the first one in her empty new room.
 First hair trim. Just a teeny little trim. Ha! She loved it! 
 Front seat drivers. 
 Watching Makenah at dance class. 
 First swim in our new backyard!
 Drink break. 
 Shopping for school supplies! Complete with a blue slush. Preschool starts in a couple weeks!
 The other favorite part about our backyard! 
 She insisted on wearing the flowers. 
 Helping Papa make the home-made ice cream for Blake's birthday.
 Library time!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

With the family

Here I am! 
I was thinking to myself, "I wish I had some pictures to share on the blog..." I started looking through the albums and realized I did have some that I haven't recorded from when my brother Aaron and his wife Maria were here over the 4th of July weekend. Of course, we went to the zoo. 
There's a lot going on around here! After a short recovery from our last Colorado trip, we took off to Kansas City to support Bryan's brother Brandon as he celebrated the start of medical school at his White Coat Ceremony. They'll be some pictures of that when I share phone pics. We got to spend some time in Wichita on that trip also! 
Amidst all the summer travel lately, we have been preparing to move! At the beginning of June we found the house here that is going to be perfect for our family! We had to wait 2 months to close on it, but yesterday we signed the papers and its ours! We are packing the last few boxes and will do a big move this weekend! We are so excited!! We're thankful for all the family here to help us move, and Aaron and Maria are even coming this weekend, too! 
Until next time!!