Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, as we celebrate the birth of our Savior! 
Love and blessings from our family.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Bryan!

Today is Bryan's 30th birthday and I couldn't be more thankful for him! I could write blog post after blog post about how wonderful he is! He's my perfect match, best friend, parenting partner, confidant, and the love of my life. 
A few things...
~Bryan makes me laugh big time, every single day. We have so much fun together and we get each others jokes. 
~He's such a hard worker. I am so thankful for all he does to provide for our family. 
~Bryan is a great Daddy! He teaches the kids new things, makes them laugh, snuggles them tight and protects them.
~Bryan is so easy going, calm, and happy. I am thankful to have a husband with such a positive outlook on things. 
~He's exciting! Even though you won't often find me tagging along on all his outdoor adventures, I think the things he does are SO COOL. 
~Bryan is a stand up guy--respectful, kind, thoughtful and generous. 
I am so thankful for Bryan, and I am so proud of the man he is. 
Happy Birthday!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lots of things

I've got a compilation of some moments captured lately. Brought to you via iPhone and our camera. 

Ahhhh! Complete happiness!
 We got a new Green Mountain Grill (Pellet smoker) and Makenah was helping Bryan prepare the ribs on its inaugural "smoke." She was the designated rub pourer for the meat. 
 The finished product. 
 We make something everyday around here. Makenah LOVES to create, craft, and bake. If we don't have something particular to craft or make in the kitchen, she at least gets out her markers, scissors, paper and glue everyday. She is so cute! She likes to get her stool and hang her things on the refrigerator as she completes each thing. 
 Listening to Daddy play.
 Makenah wanted to play for a little while by herself in her room, and this guy waited outside her door the whole time "talking" to her and waiting for her to come out. He loves her and likes to always be where she is. I just stood at the end of the hall and watched him the whole time because it was so sweet.
 Bryan got out the rough and tough tricycle that he and his brothers had when they were younger. Makenah LOVED it!
Logan is so so busy!
 Bryan and I had a night out together for his clinic Christmas party!
 Story time at the library this past week included a visit from Santa. There was also a puppet show and an opportunity to meet Santa if you wanted. Makenah said "no thank you, I don't want to see Santa." She was very polite about it, but the tone of her voice made it very clear that is was a definite no. I don't blame her! 
 We checked out another bag full of books for the week and spent some time with the puzzles. 
 More guitar with Daddy. This time, she was playing her own. The Stucky brothers had a small guitar from the past, that Makenah has gotten to play with. 
 Crafting. Making beaded ornaments. 
 She has such excellent fine motor skills!
 More meat on the blog?! Next go 'round on the smoker was whole chickens. Makenah was totally wondering what that was!
 Love (and tackling). 
 Shortly thereafter. 
 Apple cider on our first snowy night. 
 We made Christmas cupcakes. The process was so cute and we both had lots of fun. 
 This is what we get these days when we ask for a smile. 
 Makenah's finished product. 
 I enjoyed myself too.
 Waiting for Daddy to get home. (I have already mentioned how these stools go all over the house for standing, reaching, sitting, climbing)
 Out of nowhere yesterday she brought me her blanket and asked me to wrap it on her head like this. (She must have seen it in a Christmas book or at church...) I told her she looked like Jesus' mommy, Mary! So, she spent a good part of the afternoon like this. 
We're taking lots of pictures around here. We've celebrated a bunch already, and we have more Christmas gatherings and a special birthday tomorrow!

Friday, December 14, 2012

The phone happenings

Logan is getting a lot of attention and affection from Makenah these days. He just soaks it up!
 What would Christmas with kids be without daily removing ornaments from sticky fingers.
 Finger painting.
 Daddy's big stash of K-cups.
 She climbs on everything. 
She especially likes to take one or more stools to different places in the house for better access. 
 Playing in the tunnel.
 This was from a week or so ago. First time I found him standing in the crib. While it seems like he has been standing by furniture for awhile now, he hadn't yet stood in his crib. I felt bad after I took this though...I walked in to get him and he was so happy. I saw him, and turned and ran out of the room to get my phone to take a picture. He started bawling. In my excitement I forgot he would probably think I was leaving again. He was all smiles when I popped back in. 
 Tiny baby toes.
 Taking a ride.
 I am sure he was wishing he could crawl in there with her. 
 This big boy is SO happy to be feeding himself and eating everything we do.
 There was wrestling tonight.
Wonderful weekend wishes!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Putting up the tree

I realized I forgot to share about decorating our Christmas tree. At the end of November, we invested in a new tree, and we love it! I had come to terms with the fact that we weren't going to get to go cut down our own, as tradition had been. (No tree farms even remotely close to Garden City.) So, we decided if we weren't going to cut our own, we would go artificial, and find a great one. 
I am so happy we did. I love it. 
No watering.
No needles falling off.
Strong limbs to hang the ornaments on. 
Pre-strung with lights. 
Ready to go.
Makenah was very excited to decorate the tree. 
Dressed for the occasion. Tutu with my scarf as an accent. Quite lovely.
 Checking out all the boxes. 
 She wanted to do all the hanging. 
She hung all the balls and other decorative ornaments I had.
Then, we hung each special, personal ornament from years past. 
 Logan crawled all over, cruising on boxes, digging in the lights and climbing on Casey.
 She tells him, "Logan, that's a no-no, " when he tries to take the ornaments. 
 As I was anticipating, there was a precious cluster of ornaments, not only on the lower half of the tree, but eventually they started all getting hung on the same branch. 
It started with a few on it.
 A few more...
Placing the star.
I need a finished shot! 
The tree looks great. Since then, we have added some new ornaments from family and also the kids added their new special ones from this year too. 
Makenah likes to rearrange the ornaments occasionally. Most days she asks if she can do decorate with ornaments. I say, "sure!" and she spends a little time checking on everything.