Friday, November 30, 2012


Making fruit pizza with Grandma...
 and tracing their bodies. 
(Most days involve a tutu at some point. She's always good about "de-fancying" when we head somewhere. Occasionally a tutu comes along, but hey, you got to rock it sometimes.
 Loving Casey
 Sharing puffs.
This was actually Logan's first time trying them. Makenah was so cute teaching him how to do it.
 Big boy.
 Tennis playing fairy.
 Building with cousins.
 Centerpieces for Italian night.
 Testing out the new tutu.
 Just the girls.
 Cousin Ashley swayed him right to sleep.
 Showing Logan how to best utilize the tupperware drawer.
Throwing wishing stones in at the local flower shop.
And, Aunt Cristal sent me cute!!
With sweet Cristal.
 All the Wiens/Stucky girls.
 Some good lookin' guys. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! Bryan got several days off of work, we got to spend time with both our families here in Garden City, and we ate lots of great food. We have so much to be thankful for! 
Some thoughts from Thanksgiving:

~This year the Stucky/Wiens clan was together to celebrate, so we enjoyed seeing aunts, uncles and cousins in addition to Bryan's parents, brothers, and grandparents. While Makenah and Logan do not have any 1st cousins yet, Makenah especially has become quite attached to her 2nd cousins!! They spoiled her all weekend by including her in everything, playing together, teaching her things and being so gentle and kind. All I could do was smile when I watched them. It made Makenah seem like such a big girl when she was included like that.

~This was my parents' first Thanksgiving in Garden City and it was SO great to have them here!!! My sister was in town from Colorado, too. My brother Aaron is now living in Virginia in preparation for his wedding next month, and so he spent Thanksgiving with his fiancĂ© and her family out there. (We are SO SO excited to go to VA for the wedding in a month! Ahhh! We miss them though!) 

~Who can complain about having two turkey dinners? Not me! I fill my plate mostly with side dishes though! I get stuffed with stuffing. An then, on Friday night Bryan's parents hosted an Italian night in honor of his grandparents 55th wedding anniversary. It was Macaroni Grill-esque, and we had fun cooking pasta and decorating the house like a restaurant. It was a great time. 

~Poor Logan had a cold from Wednesday through Sunday. It was hard to see him feeling bad and he wasn't his usual happy, smiley self. He was such a good sport though, and seemed to enjoy his first Thanksgiving as much as he could. He even sampled sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, jello salad, and pumpkin pie.

~Bryan and all the guys got to spend quite a bit of time doing manly things like shooting guns at the range and riding dirt bikes and four wheelers at the river. He enjoys that stuff so much, especially doing it with family. 

~I did a poor job of taking pictures. Ugh. I just snapped a few, mostly of Makenah and Logan. I wish I would have documented everyone there and more of the festivities. I have a few phone shots to include with others later. 

Playing outside with Grandma and Aunt Jenna. 
 Earlier in the week, Makenah and I made turkeys from her hand prints. She loves doing crafts!
 With Grandma and Grandpa
 And Aunt Jenna
 Makenah was Allie's shadow all weekend. 
 With all her Wiens girl cousins.
 Logan and Granna
 More time together.
So, you can see I missed a majority of the festivities. But, its not about the pictures, its about the time spent with family and the memories we made. For that, I am so thankful. 
Thank you to our families for a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bath time

Bath time can sure be one of the cutest things. (Sometimes it can also be a hard thing! Ha) 
I love the 'bathing two at once" gig, and I think it seems to be ok with them too. Logan is especially loving bath time!! I was looking forward to being able to give him baths in the big tub, because I knew he would get a kick out of it. 

Don't drink the water Logie! 
 Soapy heads

Bryan calls Makenah a mini Danielle.
She has so many personality traits and qualities that remind us of me, but apparently I also tend to dress her like me sometimes too. 
She's in one of my standard outfits: Shirt with cardigan, skinny jeans and boots.
And, what I thought was cute...she put her bag across her shoulder like that on her own... (About 2 weeks ago I got a new cross body purse...hmmm) 

And, my favorite picture of the day...

It's almost Thanksgiving! Yay! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Just around the house

I had the camera on the counter the other day, and caught pictures of a few moments from a "quiet" morning at home. 

Makenah rarely misses a day of asking, "what shall we make today?" This girl loves to help me in the kitchen, and she is a good helper. (Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's not messy and takes double the time! Ha!) I like to see her enjoying herself, learning about kitchen things, and working with me. Other often heard lines with regards to cooking. 
"Shall we make a sweet treat?" 
"Will I need to roll out the dough?" 
"Is it going to be chocolatey?" 
Logan watched us from his chair nearby. 
Feeding Logan. Super helpful sister. She also likes to grab herself a spoon and sample what he's eating. 
 Post-meal smiles.
 There is also a lot of time spent keeping this brave boy safe. He can pull up to anything now. Makes me nervous. 
 "Do you want to do ballerina with me?" 
 Has Casey been on the blog lately? He's still a good boy. Logan likes to wrestle him and he is a good sport. Sits and takes it until he is given the 'ok' to get up and move. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

From the phone

We are sure thankful for a quiet weekend around here. Anticipating Thanksgiving too! 
Here's the latest from my phone. 
A visit to Granna and Grandad's house included serenading each other with recorders. 
 She loves the puzzles and games at the library.
 Park time
 Pushing Logan
 Outside on a beautiful day.
 No more napping sometimes makes for a super tired girl when evening hits. (And yes, that's her swimsuit cover-up she added to her outfit.)
 Hide and seek with Makenah is precious. This is one of her best hiding spots. She covers up under her blanket in the corner of her room. The next best part is when its your turn to hide, she wants you to hide there too. 
 Balloons at Grandma and Grandpa's.
 Big boy! Pulls to standing now! 
 Instruments at Storytime. 
 We made a Lego city.
 Singing with Grandma.