Friday, September 30, 2011

Keeping a watch out

This is an event that I continue to try and catch on camera. 
Casey and Makenah keeping a watch out by the window. Inevitabley, when I sneak in the room behind them, one of them turns around and smiles(Makenah) and runs to me(both of them.) 
Here's how it goes...
Casey likes to mosey around near the front door or window in Makenah's room. He is a total watchdog, and will go nuts at the sight of anything outside. He will let out a big, howling bark if he sees something, anything moving outside. People walking by are especially exciting. 
For Makenah, this has turned into a personal call for her to come too! It's precious. Anytime she here's Casey bark, she drops everything she is doing and makes a beeline for her room to see what's going on. Sometimes she leaves everything she is playing with, and other times she scoops up something to take with her. If you are playing with her, reading to her, or sitting doing something with her, and Casey barks, she's done and outta there! It happens fast!
So, I've tried lately several times when this happens to grab my camera and go running too. Ha! Casey must think his job is extra important now, Makenah and Mama come running! 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A birthday!

Another Stucky brother celebrated his birthday!
Another chance for us to think about what a wonderful guy he is!
Brandon(BKS3) turned 21 on Tuesday, and we are so thankful for his brotherly love, his friendship and fun, and his awesome uncle skills! :) 
Brandon is an incredible guy! So fun, talented, thoughtful, respectful, funny, and outgoing. 
An all around stand-out guy! 

And, my favorite part, a look back through pictures of Brandon...

From years ago, Brandon biking in the mountains.
 Hard at work.
 With the guys camping.
On the right, stopping for the annual bike photo. 
 Here's Brandon with cousin Ashley. They are the same age, and have always been close. 
 At our wedding reception. Brandon, Brad, Debbie and Bryan. This is one good looking group!
 Here I am with Brandon after one of his jazz concerts. Brandon is a very accomplished musician. He plays the trumpet amazingly, and sings beautifully. 
 All the guys heading out to camp. Does his shirt say "Hot Stuff?" I think it does. 
 Mid hike, stopping to check the GPS!
 So you are probably guessing that Brandon is also an outdoorsman--he rides his bike, 4 wheels, dirt bikes, hunts, and camps. 
 Love this picture with Makenah. Brandon goes to Friends Univeristy, and since he is so close to us here, he got to come see Makenah soon after she was born! 
 On his sweet bike. :-) 
Uncles will do anything to make you laugh!
 Sweet moments!
 Happy Birthday, Brandon! Hope your birthday was awesome!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

The weekend

The three of us spent the weekend away together. Bryan worked an ER/hospital/clinic shift in a town not too far from here, and Makenah and I like that we get to go with him. We get a great place to stay, and we also get to enjoy quite a bit of time to ourselves while we are there. Bryan had a really busy weekend and took care of a lot of people in this little town. I'm so thankful to him for the extra work he takes on outside of residency. He's such a hard worker!
We do get lots of fun family time, too.
Some park moments...

Friday, September 16, 2011

State Fair

We had been planning on going to the State Fair on Thursday night since last week. Wouldn't you know it was the chilliest day yet. I told Bryan that it feels like we went from 100 degrees to 60 degrees with no in between. (Which is not all that cold, but coming off summer always makes it seem that way). 
We bundled up and went, and were so glad that we did. We didn't get many pictures, but enjoyed walking around, sampling lots of classic treats, and seeing the animals.

All bundled and ready to explore. Stocking hats were needed. Brrr. 
 My personal favorite, funnel cakes. Makenah was enjoying her first sampling too. 
A super excited girl. We headed out after this, and she wanted to walk herself out of the fairgrounds. She beamed the whole way, and had to hold both of our hands. It was precious. 
I'm glad we didn't miss the fair this year! Where would I have found so many options of fried foods, or so many things they could smother in cheese?! 
We all had a great time, and we were tired when we got home!
Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

So good

If you sit by Daddy, you get good stuff. 
Like yummy sweet drinks. 
She sat like this for a long time. She didn't want to let go.
"I have what on my face?"

Rockin' a pony

Makenah has long hair in the back! The top is catching up just a bit, but the back just keeps getting longer and longer. I've said for awhile that I was going to try out a little ponytail, so I finally combed all that hair back to see what we had.
Helping me brush her hair. 
First ponytail. Even little things like that make me sentimental. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

18 months

Makenah is 18 months old!
I don't even know where to start when describing Makenah at this age. The sweetness, oh the sweetness. Not a day goes by where we don't just shake our heads in pure delight over what a doll we have.
 Makenah is quick to smile, fun to giggle with, and a soft hearted little mama herself. She takes special care of her doll and showers her with kisses and lots of rocking. I really need to get this snuggling on video, because it is accompanied with such a sweet "song."
She's super busy, and prefers to play with us, not by herself. :-) She likes to open things and explore, empty and fill things, and sit in things. She has awesome fine motor skills, can do small tasks with good precision, like stack a big tower of blocks all by herself. Some of her favorite toys right now are her car, wagon, dolls and stuffed animals, balls, blocks and BOOKS! I can't keep the books on the shelf anymore because she is constantly emptying it and bringing them to us. 
We've got a little chatterbox on our hands too, and I love it! Makenah loves to talk and is saying so many words that I am having a hard time keeping track. She likes to babble in her own language, but we are surprised everyday that we hear more and more words in there. We're expecting phrases and short sentences any day! She is especially good with names of people and pets, food, descriptors, and manner words. Her little voice saying "please"(peas) and "thank you" (tane too) melts my heart. She'll also show you all the parts of her body! She can follow instructions, understands the things we ask her or tell her, and loves to help us with easy tasks.
She's just a little thing, and I'm anxious to see how much she weighs at her next doctor's appointment. She's on the move, and seems to be perfecting her run. We've still got an awesome sleeper, and she takes a long afternoon nap. She can feed herself pretty well with a fork or spoon, but is pretty picky about what she likes. :-) A girl has her favorites, right? 
We are so thankful for Makenah, and what a happy big girl she is. I can't believe she is 18 months old! 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fast week

The week after a long weekend always just flies by, doesn't it!
We had a wonderful time in Garden City with the Stucky/Wiens family for Labor Day! Bryan had Friday AND Monday off, so we really got to enjoy ourselves. I did not do a good job of getting out my camera while we were there. Take my word for it--good times, great family, awesome food, and lots of relaxing! A perfect long weekend. 
We are also packing the week with lots of Billings family time. Now that my parents are home from Hawaii, (2 months without them!!) we are making lots of time to see them, and my sister has been home for a week from CO. 
I've got the camera back on the counter. :-) It's just easier to grab it that way. Whenever I start cleaning up around here, I put it into its bag that sits in our bedroom. It's just not convenient in there. You can expect lots of cuteness to come your way. 
Here's where Makenah ended up last night. A sweetheart in a box. 
What does this box represent, you ask?
My new vacuum! 
Is it just me, or does getting a new vacuum make other people want to vacuum A LOT? 
That should be ok, because Casey provides plenty of hair to vacuum up.
Is tomorrow Friday again already?!