Thursday, November 21, 2013

Better Late...The Princess and Dragon Continued...

I mentioned in my Halloween post that we paid a visit to Grandma and Grandpa on Halloween but missed Bryan's parents that night, as they were out of town. A couple days after the festivities, we got dressed up again and went ringing their doorbell! 

We were greeted by big smiles, candy and a souvenir from their trip!
 And round two, when Granna and Grandad came by to share more candy!
Thanks Mimi and Papa, and Granna and Grandad for extending the fun! Makenah was glad to get dressed up again, and Logan, well, he was a good sport. Ha!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stuff we're doing

Here's some of the stuff we've been up to lately.

Having tea parties.
 Checking out Mimi and Papa's pretty new waterfall at their house.
 Papa got out the boys' old tee-pee 
 And also their trike.
 She was creating. She had a plan.
 A couple weeks ago, we had some of our awesome friends come and visit from Wichita. They got to stay the weekend and we loved having them here!
The little guys. 
 The girls resting and watching a show together.
 She said she was going to dress up like me. She put on boots, a scarf and bracelets. I say she nailed it. For extra oomph she added some extra hair accessories. 
 We got out of the car for school and she said she wanted me to take her picture. 
It was bright. 
 Surely other people find cheese stuck to their mirrors on the wall.
No? Just me? 
Someone was being sneaky with their cheese.
 Last weekend we made a quick trip to Wichita and saw a lot of people we love!
Trip to Cabelas. 
 Out to supper!
My bro Aaron and wife Maria, Bryan's bro Blake and girlfriend Brooke, Bryan's bro Brad and girlfriend Raquel, Bryan's bro Brandon, and our crew! We laughed a lot at supper!
 At the dentist for a check-up. She did totally awesome again and everything looks great!
 Showing me her clean teeth.
 Hanging Christmas lights. We haven't turned them on yet, but when he had some free time, he used it!
Hope your week is great!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Princess and the Dragon

We've been anticipating Halloween around here for awhile now, and the day sure went by quick. 
The kids were cute as ever...a very convincing dragon and princess. 
Makenah enjoyed her morning at preschool, and her first little class party with friends. She took a treat bag she put together for each classmate, and then came home with a bag full from her friends. I had bible study at church while she was gone, and before we knew it, we were eating lunch, playing, napping and getting dressed up to go trick or treat at Bryan's office. The staff had stations set up in different offices and departments, and encouraged the kids to come by. We paraded around and saw everyone there...the kids were fantastic and so sweet seeing all staff.
 Checking out radiology. Makenah is always asking to go see bones or X-rays, and she got an up close look when we went. They did pretend X-rays on her and Daddy, and got to see the slides on the screen.
We ate a quick supper before heading out around the neighborhood. We made a nice loop around the block before loading up to go see my parents at their house. While we were there, we go to see the craziness that descends upon their neighborhood each year. Hundreds of kids...its non-stop. People just sit on their porch because the stream is so steady. Young kids, and some not so young favorite quote from Halloween this year from my dad...after responding to a "Trick or Treat" from a young man...."That was a baritone," as the young man walked away. We were laughing so hard. 

Super serious. I'm going to have to work on my behind the camera antics! 

This is new...the closest thing to a smile.
This is me, desperately trying to get the kids to sit by me for a picture. Makenah has crawled away and Logan is running from me like, "If you even make me sit here mom..." 
 Bryan's attempt to lighten it up for a smile..."Make a silly face..."
My favorite of the night, I think. Walking together, such big stuff.
 At Grandma and Grandpas!
Logan sat right down when we go home and dug in. He made off with tons of dum-dums from Grandma and Grandpa while we were there, and he sat and opened them one at a time. He'd take 2 licks of one and them open another. He ended up with a big pile.

We must have timed it all just right, because we had just enough time to get home, have a few pieces of candy, and get the kids to bed as the tiredness was taking hold.

We've got another special stop to make in our costumes I bet we'll have a few more pictures to remember this year. Stay tuned for those. I figured I should get these pictures shared in case there were any family waiting to see the princess and the dragon.

If you like to look back, here are the kids' Halloweens past. 
Halloween 2012