Friday, October 28, 2011

So girly

One thing I have come to love about this blog is that I have a place to archive so many sweet and funny moments we have around here. The everyday things that I want to remember. The things that make us sit back and laugh, or shake our heads, or just watch in amazement. I enjoy grabbing the camera and trying to catch as many as I can. 

Last night we went on a walk and bundled up with our coats and hats, so first thing this morning, Makenah grabbed her coat and hat and put them on, in addition to the pink shorts from the other day. Everything over her pj's. (She's really into putting clothes on right now, and gets them out of her drawer and tries to put multiple layers on over each other...) So, she hung out like that for awhile. I am sure she was nice and snuggly, which was good since it was pretty frosty this morning. 
We later found ourselves in our bathroom putting some things away, and she pulled out some of my nail polish. She lined them on the bathub and promptly put her foot up, like she has seen me do several times to do my nails, pretending to "paint" her nails. 
What a little girly girl we have. We are enjoying watching all the things she is picking up from us, even the little things. A good reminder that we are teaching so much, even when we don't realize it. We are trying to be strong examples of the qualities we want Makenah to learn. 
So thankful for the little moments. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

On her own

This particular day, Miss Makenah was bound to get her shorts on by herself. She picked them out from her drawer by herself, and ran off with them to put on in the living room. The whole process was too cute, I just stood back and watched and encouraged her. 
Getting started in the living room...
 Giving it a try in her bedroom...
 Those two feet just keep ending up in the same hole! This was precious. 
Maybe it will work on the floor...
 Maybe by the dresser...
 Wait, maybe another pair will work better!
 Surely these will work better. 
Such a proud big girl!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Makenah's new shirt!

Makenah got an awesome new shirt awhile back!
We're excited to show it to you!

Wait..."I can't see your shirt Makenah, you silly girl!"
Here we go!
Makenah is going to be a big sister!!!
She modeled her shirt for me all over the front yard. :-)
"I'm gonna be a what?!"
"What's this shirt say?"
 We are so very excited that there will be another sweet Stucky baby around here soon. I am due in March, and am 19 weeks along right now. 
Makenah is all set to to wear her new shirt in March when she meets her little brother or sister. We know she is going to be a fantastic big sis! 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hugs, books, and apples

This day started out with lots of love for Casey. Getting Makenah up in the morning is a highlight of the day because it is filled with sweetness. Love and sweet greetings for me, rocking and kissing her puppy before putting him down, sweet chattering of her favorite words, giggles and smiles, and always checking on Casey. She'll call "Sase-ey, Sase-ey, and pat her tummy, which means "come." If he doesn't come trotting into her room, she'll go greet him wherever he is. 
Later on, it was time to read to the dolls. The new highlight is sitting in the recliner, which she can now proudly crawl into herself. 
Then, at lunch time, I had the refrigerator door open, and Makenah helped herself to an apple. Opened the drawer, pulled it out and dug in. Since I wanted to watch the cuteness and grab some pictures, I quick gave it a good wash and sat back. Apples, or "ah-ples" are a favorite right now, but they are usually cut up, so I was impressed to see her go to town on this one. She loved it. 
I love these everyday moments. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pumpkin patch with friends

Yesterday, Makenah and I met some friends from the residency at Walter's Pumpkin Patch. The girls said it was worth the drive (it's north of El Dorado), and that we should all meet there. We had a great time! There is so much to do there, you could spend hours! We walked around and played for a long time, and then rode the tractor ride out to the patch to pick out our own pumpkin. I would recommend Walter's to anyone! They were so nice out there!
She was really interested in the pumpkins, and wanted to always touch them. 
Such a big girl, wanting to walk around and explore herself.
You can see the cat better if you crouch down. HaHa! We watched this kitty for a long time, it made her laugh and got big smiles. 
Collecting the fruit that was falling from the trees. 
Of course, she wanted to hold as many as she could. What would we expect?
"Did I touch this one yet?"
A-mazing. She's in a swing! There were lots of swings and benches all over, and she walked over to this one all by herself, pushed it a little, and then all of a sudden wanted in it. I was shocked. When I saw it I knew there was no way I was going to try and put her in it...but she decided herself. She loved it. 
On the huge bouncer with our friends Meghan and Lily.
Riding the tractor out to the patch. 
We picked ours out, and they helped us cut it off. I love the look of wonder and excitement. I am pretty sure she was saying, "Whoa!" 
Loading up to go back. We were on the tractor with some friends and other little kids. Makenah wanted to sit on the bench beside me, like a big girl, and not on my lap. I just smiled as we rode. Big stuff. I wanted a picture, but there was no way I was letting go of that little one. 
The verdict: Worth the drive. Head out to Walter's. I think if we go to another pumpkin patch to take Bryan, we'll go to one closer to us, but if you are looking for something fun to do, head out there!