Thursday, September 27, 2012


In just a span of a few days, Logan has gotten pretty strong in the sitting position. He's gotten quite mobile on the floor, and will then stop and push himself up to a somewhat sitting position. It kind of looks like he is posing. Cute. 
But, here are some sitting shots. 
Such a big boy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


A few of the things I've seen through my phone lens lately. 

I don't even mind this picture is blurry. I'll take blurry pictures of kisses any day. 
 Naptime looks a little different these days. There is always quiet time in her room, and most days she will end up falling asleep on her bed. Every once and awhile, she will crash on her chair with a book. 
 On the road to Colorado. She got a kids meal and made some head gear. 
Two funny things about this cereal box. 
1. She calls this "Chicken cereal" because there is a rooster on it. 
2. The other morning, when she saw the front, she said, "hey, that's volleyball." I laughed and then tried to figure out how she knew that was a famous volleyball player. There isn't even a ball on the box anywhere. We did watch our fair share of this gal during the Olympics though...
 Getting her sticker after story time.
 Posing at the library.
 Who wouldn't want to feed this guy?!
 Walking around the zoo.
 She wanted to go see the flamingoes so she could stand like them. 
 More cute brother.
 I don't think you can go to the zoo without sitting on the statues. 
 These two large cats were really checking us out. 
 This jaguar was telling us something. Yikes. 
 Feeding the fish.
 Grandma and Grandpas new house in Garden City has play equipment in the back! Playing with Aunt Jenna and Uncle Aaron. 
 First time in a swing. 
 How can you not take a prune face picture? 
 Making cookies from the cookbook she checked out at the library.
 And, just this morning...checking in on the elephants. We need to learn their names, we are there so much! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A clean kind of dirty

Makenah and I had fun a few days ago trying to make pictures, shapes and letters with a shaving cream canvas. (I saw this done in school on desks...) Mostly is was just fun to swirl around and play with! It was a fun new experience with an easy to clean up mess. She loved it!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Logan (5 months)

Another month has flown by. Isn't that how it always goes? Logan Kent is 5 months old, and in fact, is inching really close to 6 months. I have gotten into the habit of documenting things right before he turns another month older, and its turned out to be working ok. As it is right now, there is so much excitement as he moves out of his 5th month!

This big wide open grin is what you seen from Logan most of the time. So content, happy, and easy to take care of. If he's included where the action is, then he is good to go.
He can always be easily amused by his big sis, and she becomes more inclusive of him (taking him toys, stopping to talk to him, helping feed him) as the time passes. Makenah can always make him smile! She keeps a close eye on him too, and will even mother him some. For example, he was getting little fussy in Target the other day, and she sweetly turned around and said, "Logie, people are trying to shop..." HaHa!
Logan tried solids for the first time this month, and much prefers fruits or mild tasting vegetables over rice cereal. (The peas were terrible...ha!) Makenah pulls up a chair right with us, and does some coaching along the way. "Eat it Logie!" "Don't spit it out Logie!" She is really intrigued by his baby food, and insists on taking a tiny finger sample of each. He is starting to get the hang of it, but I would say at this point, more food may still be coming out than staying in!
Everything goes straight to his mouth right now too! In addition to toys, he tries jewelry, my hair, peoples fingers, his feet, and clothing as well. Slobbery, drooly boy.
Logan is such a strong boy!! He's up on all 4s now, rocking, rolling and pushing. He's going to crawl off in no time! We are pretty sure this morning he went forward for the first time. He's quite a bit ahead of where Makenah was, but he's got her to try and keep up with, right!
But, his other favorite way to lay is the "skydiver." He lays like this and wiggles his legs really fast, too. He still makes all the cutest baby sounds--cooing, growling, hootin' and hollerin', and will have a whole conversation with you. Love it.
Not too much change in his nighttime sleeping pattern or his overall eating. He still nurses like a champ! His naps have seemed to become pretty predictable, and on most days his afternoon naps does some overlapping with Makenah's! (Cue the chorus of thankfulness!) He takes a short nap mid morning, a long afternoon nap, and will occasionally throw in a supper time cat-nap, otherwise, just waits until bed around 8.
At his 4 month dr. appt., which was closer to 5 months, he weighed 17 lbs. 5 oz., which was the 75%ile. He also got 3 shots that shut him down for a good 24 hrs. Poor baby.
Other things about Logan from the past month...
~Attended  his first Storytime at the library
~Traveled to CO with us again
~ Is getting WAY heavy in his baby carrier. His weight will soon outweigh the convienence of that thing
~First outdoor concert
~Is getting strong on his feet, bearing his weight
~Has continued to stay with us during church, but will be visiting the nursery for the first time soon!
~Has a cute head of hair coming in so sweetly. A pretty cute crew cut of new growth and some long stragglers from the first batch!
~Still likes his swing, especially for some shut-eye
~ Can bounce up a storm in his exersaucer/bouncer

Logan, we are completely in love with you!!
You are the sweetest, sweetest thing!!
Love you baby boy!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tumbleweed Festival and more

My iphone update this week includes mostly pictures I got when we took in the Tumbleweed Festival last weekend here in Garden City. This weekend family event was put on by the local churches and had lots of good food, fun activites for the kids, music, and more. We spent the morning on Saturday walking around and taking in the sights, doing the art tent, listening to the music in the park and then eating lunch from several of the vendors. Fair type food is sure heavy, but man, as a treat at events like this, it was so yummy!
On Saturday night we met Bryan's parents and some friends for the main evnt concert in the park, featuring the Christian band Kutless. It was so much fun! Makenah was a hoot and thoroghly enjoyed herself. She was groovin' to the music and stayed so busy being social. Logan was a good boy too...he let us put ear plugs in, was happy most of the time, and then slept in my arms when bedtime rolled around. 

From the morning...
The event was held in a park area at the zoo. It was a beautiful day!
Logan's first ride in the BOB stroller. It was good for napping. 
At the concert...
She was really getting into the music for awhile!
 I did a horrible job at getting a group picture, but here's us taking in the evening. 
We were pretty impressed that GC brought in Kutless. They did a great job, had a wonderful message to go along with the music, and the crowd was big!

A few others from this week. 
He wedged himself right under the couch! He looked pretty proud.
 Big girl in a booster seat at breakfast.
Casey likes to just lay and watch Logan play. I caught Logan rubbing his feet on Casey's feet. It was adorable. He was rubbing them with his whole foot, up and down. 
 And, a few trying to get onto his knees.