Monday, August 18, 2014

Makenah's first day of Preschool (4yrs old.)

Today was the big day.
It was back to school time for us, and Makenah seemed really excited to go back to her classroom for the 4 year old Pre-K program at school. This year felt much different, after getting comfortable with her teacher and school setting last year, so there was mainly excitement this morning. The 3 year olds go Tues/Thurs morning, so now that she is 4, she goes Mon/Wed/Fri morning. I snapped pictures this morning, and she kept telling me..."send that to all my family," "show that to my family," "Take my picture here."
Our sweetheart.

Very proud of the backpack she chose. 
When we got to school, she told me she wanted a picture in front of the window and by the door.
Waiting with a couple friends.
Running out after school.
Today was a great day for her, and we're excited for all the learning and growing she'll get to do this year! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

If you want to take a look

When I was going back through some posts, I noticed that I missed including pictures I had from our June CO trip. I didn't want to exclude them from here, but also wanted them in order on the blog. If you want to go back and read that post, you can click HERE.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August stuff

August has been good.
Nothing too major going on, just enjoying the day to day.
We got invited to the Lear family farm to pick sweet corn. We had a great time!
 With Mr. Lear. 
Also known as Farmer Lear. :) 
 Heading out for a leisure stroll.
(Yes, he always wears them upside down!) 
Who remembers when our passengers looked like this?! 
 Park time.
 Exploring the big guy stuff.
 After church.
 Spray park snack break. 
We take a snack break wherever we go. Ha!
Part of the fun, right?
 Bubble Day at story time.
 Uncle Blake's birthday!
 Swimming and celebrating.
 Pure joy.
 More park.
 Makenah drew this for Logan today.
I think its cute for several reasons.
She drew it to help him feel better, since he's not quite himself.
She did it unprompted.
She picked his favorite duo to color.
And, a pretty great job, I say!

Friday, August 1, 2014

More bells! More wedding bells!

There is always something exciting brewing around here, and we are flying high, celebrating the recent engagement of the youngest Stucky brother, Blake, to his true love Brooke!
Blake proposed on July 4, in what can only be described as a truly magical night. 
Look at these two! Just look at them! So beautiful inside and out!
Blake and Brooke are a fantastic couple, and we couldn't be more happy for them. They are such a perfect match, and their devotion to each other and to the Lord is so evident in how they live out each day. They are both so much fun to be around--such great senses of humor, sweet and kind, generous, outgoing, and always up for something exciting. I tell you what, we are lucky to have Brooke in the family! And, hooray for another sister in the family!
The anticipation is already starting for their June 2015 wedding! We can't wait!