Monday, January 26, 2015

Denver Museum and Jeeping

Mid January we headed to Denver and Woodland Park for a little family getaway. We did some jeeping in the snow with Granna and Grandad and also spent time in Denver at the Museum of Nature and Science. The kids LOVED it...we all did! We are still looking forward to going back. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

December Happenings

We had lots of fun filling December with fun at home and through our outside activities. A sampling of pictures before we get to Christmas!

Papa got a new Bobcat, and what boys wouldn't want to try it out?!
 Putting up the tree.
They were such sweet helpers. They were so excited for each ornament we took out of the box, and were fairly gentle, too. My favorite part is the cluster of ornaments when we are done. 
This was our first year to do the Elf on the Shelf. I put out a cute little breakfast setting the morning our Elf arrived. It was nothing elaborate, but you should have seen their faces! We had a successful first season with our Elf...he was given the name Strudel right away (thought up completely on her own, by Makenah...I was impressed). I enjoyed finding cute and silly things to do with him all month. We didn't really focus much on him being there to watch if the kids were naughty or nice, they didn't really attach to much to that aspect of his presence. They just thought he was a sweet Elf visiting during Christmas who was doing something silly each morning they woke up. :) 
Family lunch date at the soda shop.
 This was one of the days that presents arrived. Ha!
Does everyone like online shopping as much as we do? It worked especially well this year, since I didn't feel much like putting in the long hours at the stores!
 The Christmas parade!
 Makenah danced in her first Nutcracker this year. Every other year her dance school puts on the show. This was picture night. 
 We changed and went immediately to her Preschool Christmas program.
 Both grandparents got to come!
Playing outside.
For a boy who has a perfect place for everything in his bed, I was not expecting to see it all on the floor. :) 
 Preschool classroom party.
 Decorating sugar cookies.
 Pajama Day!
 Sunday before Christmas.
 Best I could get with both of them. :)
 Bryan's birthday!
 Decorating their gingerbread house. 
 A full and wonderful month.