Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another reason it feels like summer

Here's another reason that it sure feels like summer around here. 

It's hard to deny that summer-y feeling when you have such a festively dressed 2 year old. 
A lovely straw hat, a lei around her neck, and a flowery skirt that she insisted on wearing so she could be a ballerina and do ballet. 
Enough with the pictures, mama!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer is here!

I think summer has officially started at our house! 
We made our first trip to the neighborhood pool yesterday with our friends, and we had a great time! We swam, talked, snacked and enjoyed the warm sun.

I made her pose by the front door. Ha!
Just one of many front door pictures I'm sure...
She was SO excited to be back at the pool. She's pretty steady in the water, but stays fairly close to the edge. She got right in even though it was quite cold and enjoys playing with toys in there. 
She was pretty serious at the start, while she got reacquainted with the water. 
Logan was relaxing in his carrier. He did great while we were there. He was awake for a little bit at the start, and then fell asleep and took a shady nap for the remainder of our time there. 
This is Makenah's friend Will. He is the son of my dear friend Jenna. Makenah talks about him a lot, and likes to have play time with him and see him in Sunday School. I wanted to get some pictures of them together, because both our families will be embarking on new chapters soon, and I always want to be able to remember these two at two years old. 
And these two beautiful girls are Danni and Remi. Not only is Danni an amazing friend, but her daughter Remi has become another of Makenah's favorite little friends. We have shared so many fun times together, and Makenah think Remi is pretty great!
Snack break. There is always time for a snack break if you ask Makenah. 
We are already looking forward to going back!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cuties anyone?

We were all in the kitchen getting ready to sit down for supper last night. We had set the table and we were just putting a few more things on the table from the fridge. I turned around, and Makenah had gotten the bag of Cuties from the fridge.
I just laughed as I watched her.
She didn't stop until the whole bag was empty and they were all on her plate. Apparently she wanted Cuties for supper. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Watering with MiMi

This past weekend we were in Garden City to attend Blake's high school graduation. It was a wonderful weekend, and we are so proud of all his hard work. I did a horrible job getting my camera out. I was so mad at myself everywhere we went...I would get there and think, oh yeah, my camera! Argh! There's a lot more to carry around now with a baby in the mix! 
So, I have hopes to share some pictures that others took of the weekend!
The first group of pictures I did get were at MiMi and Papa's house when Makenah was helping water the plants outside. This was so fun for her that there were tears when it was over.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Logan (2 months)

Logan is 2 months old!
As the days fly by, we're just continually thankful for what a sweetheart our little Logan is.
We had his 2 month appointment recently, and he weighs 13 pounds. Growing so fast, and getting heavy to carry in the baby carrier already! Such a cute head of hair, and a little button nose that looks just like his big sister!
Logan is such a good baby! A generally happy and content little boy, with smiles flowing so freely. I love a big gummy grin.
Logan has quite the appetite! One time you will hear him fuss is when its time to eat! During the day he likes to eat every 1.5-2 hours. At night, he usually has a first stretch of sleep between 5-7 hours (I should go to bed earlier so I cash in on more of this sleep time!!) and then after he gets up to eat, he'll sleep another shorter stretch. His day starts quite a bit earlier than Makenah's, but he crashes for a nap shortly after she gets up. 
 He's getting pretty predictable when it comes to naps too. He takes a longer morning and afternoon nap, with another evening nap that usually happens while we are out pushing the kids in the chariot in the evening.  
He's starting to make lots of sweet baby noises now, too. Cute ooohs and ahhhs. We are noticing lots more interaction. He looks right at our faces now and responds to the things we say with "talk" and smiles.
He's loving putting his hands in his mouth. You can often hear him sucking on them while he's playing on the floor or riding in his carrier. I kind of wonder if he'll find that thumb sometime. He doesn't care for his pacifier very much...he'll take it every once and awhile for a bit, but he's not fond of it.
Makenah is very sweet with Logan and likes to be right with me when I change a diaper or feed him. She does realize that he sometimes take the attention away from her and will suggest that I put Logan down, ha! But, most of time she's showing him things, picking out his clothes, turning on his toys for him, or asking to hold him. 
Unlike his sister, who slept completely swaddled tight for many months, he doesn't like to be wrapped up tight to sleep at night. We use a receiving blanket to kind of semi-swaddle his lower half for warmth, but he likes his arms out and free. By the time he wakes up, the blanket is usually unwrapped and he seems fine with that.
2 months old already! Watching Logan grow is so special, and we are thankful for a happy, healthy boy. I am loving having a son, and Logan makes my heart so happy. 
We love you sweet baby.