Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Thanksgivings 2010

What wonderful Thanksgiving celebrations we had!
We are so lucky to have enough break time to spend the holidays with both of our families. 
We are so blessed and we have so much to be thankful for. 

Makenah enjoyed her first Thanksgiving! 
She got to try many of our favorite dishes!

While we were in Garden City and Hesston, we enjoyed lots of turkey and all the fixins', family time, games, hunting and some motor-sports (the boys!), more turkey, laughs and some good relaxing.
All ready to eat!
She sure likes all the attention she gets from her uncles and daddy. :)
Uncle Brandon
We took several shots of the picture below, and this one is my favorite because it shows exactly how Makenah is these days. Squirmy and silly.
It has begun... 
Casey and Sarah also got to celebrate Thanksgiving with bones that Bryan's mom got them.
Notice the green cup with feet in the corner of the picture. This ol' cup was one of the most popular cups to drink from when we were little, and Makenah got to sip her water from it at the table. :)
My brother Aaron and his girlfriend Olivia.
Aunt Jenna takes great care of Makenah!
Bryan and Sweetie :)
We played some Xbox Kinect...I think they were running the hurdles!
Can you tell she is a dancer?
What a wonderful time we had! 

Friday, November 19, 2010

8 months

On Nov. 4 Makenah turned 8 months old!
The month has gone super fast, and here we are thinking about the fact that we almost have a 9 month old! 
I think the best word to describe Makenah right now would be sweetness.
Her little personality just shines through, and she is so quick to smile.
She's such a content little girl. You will know when she needs something, because it's the only time she gets fussy. If she is tired, hungry, or done with an activity, she will let you know. Otherwise, she is calm and content. 
She loves to play with her toys and could sit and entertain herself or play with us for quite awhile. She has may favorite books right now like "B is for Bear, Five Little Monkeys, How Big?, Ten Little Ladybugs, and Goodnight Moon."
She still likes to play in her jumper, and she gets herself bouncing and bouncing!
She's ready to get moving, and the pictures I've posted about her attempts to crawl are what we see all the time now. She likes to stand up next to things, and soon will not need our hands for support under her.
(She is really interested in her shoes right now!)
Makenah is such a good eater, and will eat most everything we have tried. It has been so interesting to watch her grow and continue to eat more and more. She still does not care for textures, or lumpy things.
She is sleeping longer and longer at night, and naps so well during the day.
Going out with Makenah is so much fun! She is a great shopping partner! She is so easygoing that you can take her most places and she just takes it all in! 
Also new this month are more sounds! Ba and Da are her favorites right now! 
Ba ba ba ba, da da da, ba ba, da da :)
(I think that counts as dada!)
Happy (late) 8 months Miss Makenah!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A little closer

It's been a couple of weeks since I first caught a picture of Makenah trying to get up on all 4's and crawl.
She is so close, and it is so cute to watch.
She's up on all 4's, rocking back and forth.
She was ready to go when she got up this morning.
When you get tired, you just lay your head down. :)
We are so excited for her to learn to crawl, but I'm trying to cherish each day since she is growing so fast. And, I know when she starts to crawl, I will have a whole other challenge on my hands. :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Boys will be boys

Yes, we've gotten out the dirt bikes and 4 wheelers again since I posted pictures last time. Actually, we've been out to Garden City a couple of times and been out riding at the river. 
Did I mention that Bryan and his brother Blake got dirt bikes. 
Oh, my, they are cool bikes! 
But dangerous looking. :) 
His Dad Steve and Grandad got new 4 wheelers also. It was time to add to the fleet. 
All the guys got Hondas. 
You can't beat a Honda. 
I have lots of pictures to share, and they were all taken by the boys of each other. Actually, most of them were taken by Bryan's brother Brad. He takes awesome pictures, and really great action shots. (This is why I don't have any pictures of him to show. He was always behind the camera!) 

Here's my guy! He is a great rider and looks pretty awesome, huh!
Here's Blake...
He's a daredevil too! 
And, here are the new 4 wheelers! 
These machines are awesome!
The two drivers are even more awesome!
And, finally...
Yep, that's me! 
I am pretty sure I was taking a short break to watch all the jumping.
I love that the guys let me tag along.
Thanks for all the great pictures, Brad!