Friday, July 19, 2013

July phone pictures

Here's a good chunk of my July phone pictures.
A lot of good memories. 
Playing the backyard.
 So big at the park.
 She's got balance!
 For the 4th of July we were at Bryan's parents and both of our families were there!
Blocks with Aunt Maria. 
 Cool guys. Such a fun Uncle.
 Sharing M&Ms.
 Sampling the ice cream!
 Watching the fireworks!
 Loving dance class. 
 Playing in the rain. 
 We love the spray park!
 Messy guy.
 Checking out the motorcycle shop in CO Springs.
 Bikes at REI.
 Hiking partners.
 Lamb's Ear on Blake. 
 The view during the hike.
 Makenah had some help picking a few flowers during the hike. 
 On top of Pikes Peak. 
 Our favorite park in CO.
 Back in GC at the park with Grandma. 
Serious driver. 
 Big time block stacking.
 First eye doctor visit. 
She did amazing.
So sweet, polite and did everything he asked!
 Trike riding with Mimi and Papa.
 Story time playing. 
 Spray park in Logan's hat. 
 Zoo playground afterwards.
 Makenah made rice crispy treat balls. 
 Reading in his room. 
 Total love. 
Glad its Friday!!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Still heavy

Phew! We hiked again with our packs in CO.
The verdict: The kids are still heavy. 
I was a little concerned as we started out on this one, it was more uphill than I was expecting, but it turned out ok, and we tackled another trail. 
I only took a few pictures with my phone on this one, so I asked Bryan's brother Brandon to share a few with me. He's awesome, so of course, he said sure!
We found plenty of Lamb's ear growing. It does in fact look like a lamb's ears.
 The kids were awesome. 
Couldn't ask for better hike riders. 
In fact, the first morning we woke up in CO, we woke to Makenah standing by Bryan's side of the bed. I rubbed my eyes and snapped into reality quick enough to hear her shout right at Bryan's face (this was 5:30 in the morning, if that helps you picture this...) "Daddyyyyy, wake up!! It's light outside!! It's time to go hiking!!!!" 
So, good time had by all!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Back in Colorado!

That's right! 
We were back in Colorado recently, for another adventure in the mountains. 
It's a favorite place to visit and a close get-a-way for us!
This trip involved shopping, visiting the top of Pikes Peak, dirt biking, farmers market-ing, the park, hiking, tons of food, and "jeepin' in the mountains. 
I've got some pictures to share of Pikes Peak and the Jeeps, and I'd also like to get some posted from our hike.

It was a year ago that we road the cog railway up to the top, and about 8 1/2 years since Bryan and I had driven to the top. 
Starting up to the peak. 
 Its gets rocky after you hit timberline.
 Logan slept the whole way up.
 I had the heebie-jeebies seeing the elevation we had, and seeing the edge of the road. 
A beautiful view from the top.
 The whole crew.
 Looking over the side.
 On Saturday we took all three family Jeeps into the mountains to explore. 
For some this may not seem exciting, but for Bryan and I, its something we really enjoy. We get to put our Wrangler to use, we can easily do it as a family, and it allows us to explore the terrain on trails you couldn't go otherwise.
Blake, Brooke, Brad and Brandon.
 Grandad's Jeep.
 Checking the map. 
 Oh my goodness! The cutest passengers ever! 
 Ahhhh! Cuteness explosion!
Oh, that smile, those 4 teeth, that whispy hair, those eyes....
He's 16 months old today. Can't believe it!
 Taking a break...doing a little stretching. Ha!
 Blake and his girlfriend, Brooke. 
 Logan reading the map.
 Our driver. 
We had our front roof panels off, which worked nice. It allowed us to keep the kids shaded, and also gave us the flexibility to put them back on if it rained(and it did!). 
 We stopped for a picnic lunch, which I didn't document very well. We did get this picture of Blake and Brooke at the top of the rock near our spot. 
 Picnicking with Logan is a little hectic right now. Ha! He is all over the place, and is not interested in staying still ever. So, we let him explore some, and then thought we could corral him to eat for a few minutes in his little travel booster. This started happening immediately... and soon his tray was covered in dirt before I could even get food on there. He's ALL boy!
 Scouting the trail. 
 Riding high.
 We visited a mine before we headed out. Can you see Brad?
 Blake and Brooke.
 Climbing...those daredevils. 
More pictures soon!!