Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Strider Bike

We are keeping really busy around here! 
Not only is Logan keeping us hopin', but Makenah is busy learning and doing things as well. 
One of her birthday presents from us, was a new Strider bike. These super cool balance bikes teach a toddler balance and coordination even before they are able to pedal. 
We were excited to give it to her, and Bryan was extra eager to get his daughter into biking. 
Neddless to say, she loved it immediately! She rides it everyday, and loves it the most when Daddy gets on his bike and rides with her. 
Good to go with the pink bunny helmet!!
The bike is so light, it makes it easy to maneuver and pick up herself. She was showng Bryan how to "pop a wheelie." 
All snuggled up and napping while we played.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Welcome home

I mentioned that our homecoming with Logan was such a special time. I was beside myself with emotion, and completely overcome with happiness. I was in tears for part of the time, and deserving of the little bit of teasing I got from my sis. Ha! They are still quoting me..."I feel like my heart is going to fly out of my chest!" Let's just say I was loving my little family. I missed Makenah so much while we were gone, and introducing her to Logan was awesome. 
 Papa Steve
 Uncle Blake
 MiMi Debbie
Steven Kent, Bryan Kent and Logan Kent 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our stay

While we were at the hospital, we had family and friends come visit us. Even though I didn't get a picture of everyone, we were thankful for all the visits. 
My family stayed with Makenah while we were there, but they were able to sneak away and visit us. My sister surprised us and drove all the way from Colorado!! Bryan's family hit the road from Garden City and were there to welcome us home! 
Makenah was sick with a pretty bad cold while we were gone, so she didn't end up visiting the hospital, but I have lots of precious pictures to share of her meeting her brother when we arrived home. 

Grandma Billings and Aunt Jenna
 Grandpa Billings
Oh, Dr. Christman. A fantastic doctor. He went above and beyond for us. I consider myself lucky to have been his patient. Bryan has been able to work with him during his past 5 years here, and we respect him so much. I always said I wanted Dr. Christman to deliver my babies...he was my mom's doctor, too. He delivered me 30 years ago. 
 The star of the show.
Logan Kent.
 The swaddle master. 
Bryan used to swaddle Makenah so tightly, and she loved it. We'll see if Logan likes it as much. I told Bryan, "I think I forgot how to swaddle." He was right though, it came right back to me. 
 Getting ready to head home. 
 I love this picture. 
It's blurry and Bryan's head is chopped off. I don't mind one bit.
I will always remember the sweet woman who took it for us after she wheeled us to our car. I really, really wanted a picture of us right before we left. She seemed a little nervous to use a camera, and we handed her ours and she held it backwards first...looking into the front. We helped turn it around and showed her where the button was. She snapped it, and I knew it would be perfect. 
And off we headed towards home to introduce Logan to his big sister!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Together at last

Pictures from the delivery room after Logan made his arrival.
Logan's birth was such a wonderful experience. Being at St. Joe is so awesome, the nurses and doctors took such good care of us, and everything went so smooth. Logan is a doll. Sweet, cuddly, and precious. I'm in love with his cute brown hair and his long eyelashes like Bryan's. I forgot how tiny a newborn is. Everyone kept calling him a "big boy" but he just seems so tiny. And man, did Makenah seem like such the big girl when we brought him home. 
Next up: Pictures from our time staying at the hospital.