Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

How lucky we were to get to see both of our families this Thanksgiving. Because of Bryan's holiday work schedule, we had a longer trip to Garden City last week. During Christmas, we'll get to spend lots of time with the Billings clan. 
Before we left for Garden City, we had turkey and all the 'fixins with my parents, brother, and sister.  
I think Makenah is going to like mom's cranberry salad as much as I do. 
Snuggles from Grandpa
Big kisses for Aunt Jenna!
Uncle Bear helping with the shoes. 
We were in Garden City for most of Thanksgiving week, and found ourselves staying busy eating, playing games, playing outside, laughing, and relaxing together. 
Playing drums in pajamas!
Working in the office with Papa Steve
Cooking with MeMe Debbie
(You can see Makenah's first ouchie above her eye. Up until now we've only had little bumps and falls, but this cut required a little extra attention from Daddy. No stitches needed, but he got it closed up and all taken care of.) 
 The art of the long snap...
 Us girls thought those boys just looked funny!
 There were even brothers wrestling!
 Makenah got to walk Bentley while we were there. "Walka walka Entley!" she would say. 
 We also celebrated Papa Steve's birthday while we were there!
Playing with Uncle Blake and holding on tight to her "bootball." She thought it was so funny how he could do pushups with her on his back. 
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! We have so much to be thankful for!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Too long

Ahhhh! It's been 11 days since I posted anything on the blog. Shame on me. 
Before we get to Thanksgiving, and I get to share all of those wonderful holiday pictures, I thought I would share some that I think got missed this fall. 
These two brothers played some good looking tennis awhile back. I was the designated photographer and tested my action shot skills. 
Stand back, he swings hard!
 Oh wait, Blake's a stud too. 
(Side note: All four Stucky brothers are stellar tennis players. You should see them play doubles against each other.)
What can I say...she loves all kinds of shoes already. 
Unlce Brad brought Makenah and I flowers when he visited to celebrate the new baby!
Now that's a sweet guy.
Aunt Jenna!!!
Last time Jen visited we definitely had to use the wagon. It is super popular right now. Makenah loves to ride in the "wada." 
 And, there are always books involved. 
Some cuteness on Halloween before the costume.
Hooray for Friday! Hope you have a good weekend!

Monday, November 7, 2011


My two sweethearts coloring together. 
I love them so much. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Getting excited

Bryan, Makenah and I have been doing a little celebrating. I've been baking, and we have been enjoying some sweets, since we are so excited about some recent news. 
Makenah is going to get a little brother in March! We are thrilled that we'll be adding a sweet baby boy to our family! The weeks are flying by, and he'll be here before we know it! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The sweetest little bumblebee

We had SUCH a fun night with Makenah for Halloween. I wasn't quite sure how the whole fluffy costume and trick-or-treating would go at this age, and if she was quite old enough to enjoy any of it, but we were so impressed with her, and we all had a blast! It was awsome!
I am, of course, totally biased, but is this not the cutest little bumblebee you have ever seen?!
She got all dolled up and we headed outside to visit some of the houses in the neighborhood. We rode in the wagon to the houses and then we walked up by the porches. I helped with the "trick-or-treat" part, and then she would gently pick a piece of candy from their bowls, put in her sack right away, and then loud and clearly say "Thank you!" ("Tane you") She really likes carrying that bag!
We also drove over to Uncle Jeff and Aunt Pam's house to say hello!
When we got home, she took her sack, emptied all the candy to look at, and even sampled some! It was so cute to watch her...looking like such a big girl!
For some reason she decided right away that this Reese's was for Casey. Not sure why, but she kept trying to share it with him. She would call and call for him to come get it. I was sure hoping that one was for me! ;-)
So thankful for the beautiful evening to enjoy with Bryan and Makenah. We all had a great time!
Halloween 2011=Tons of fun!