Monday, August 18, 2014

Makenah's first day of Preschool (4yrs old.)

Today was the big day.
It was back to school time for us, and Makenah seemed really excited to go back to her classroom for the 4 year old Pre-K program at school. This year felt much different, after getting comfortable with her teacher and school setting last year, so there was mainly excitement this morning. The 3 year olds go Tues/Thurs morning, so now that she is 4, she goes Mon/Wed/Fri morning. I snapped pictures this morning, and she kept telling me..."send that to all my family," "show that to my family," "Take my picture here."
Our sweetheart.

Very proud of the backpack she chose. 
When we got to school, she told me she wanted a picture in front of the window and by the door.
Waiting with a couple friends.
Running out after school.
Today was a great day for her, and we're excited for all the learning and growing she'll get to do this year! 

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