Saturday, November 15, 2014

October/November from the phone

Slushes after school on a Friday!
My personally made jewelry by the resident crafter.
Doing a puppet show for Sally.
 Coming back from a walk to the playground with Grandma.
 Date night at a wedding we attended.
 Sunday lunch sweeties.
 Decorating their pumpkins.
 Snuggling and giggling.
 Helping Daddy wash.
 Swinging outside.
 My Garden City family birthday dinner.
 Bryan took me to Wichita for the night for my birthday, and we got to eat out with the Stucky brothers and sisters!
I got to do lots of birthday I let him go one place he liked. ;) 
 She won. :)
 Heading into dance.
 Just silly.
 These boys love Pho.
 Tea with the Sugarplum Fairy.
 It snowed...a little.
 I'm not ready for my nap.
 Uncle Blake came home with Bryan for lunch, and this is where he ended up.

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