Friday, January 2, 2015

It's been too long!

It's good to be back! 
Without even looking back at my archives, I can say for certain that this was the longest amount of time I have gone without blogging since I started in 2010. 

Many things have been going on in our family, so it's definitely not for lack of content to blog about. I've missed documenting our family, so I hope to get back to the computer more regularly, and I also plan on going back to add in highlights from the past two months or so. For the purpose of keeping an order to the memories being saved, I plan to put them back where they belong on the blog. I'll be starting with Halloween, and it's the post prior to this one.

The most notable and exciting reason I have found myself at the computer less is the anticipated June arrival of our 3rd babe!! We found out this wonderful news at the beginning of October, and after a couple of blissful weeks of excitement, I hit a wall. Ha! The first trimester of this 3rd pregnancy was not as kind to me as the previous two, and as I suffered from nausea and fatigue, I always chose resting over blogging. :) While I am still dealing with many common pregnancy ailments, (ha!) I've gotten relief from the nausea, and that alone makes a big difference. 

Christmas Day 2014
16 weeks
We are all very excited to add another blessing to our family! I know Makenah and Logan will be wonderful older siblings! Makenah is particularly excited to love on and "mother" a baby in our family. She will be adorable and so helpful. It's now less than 2 weeks until we find out if we'll welcome a baby boy or girl, and I am sooooo excited to know!

Thanks for checking back on the blog! I've got lots of pictures to share!
Happy New Year! 2015 will be wonderful! 

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Racquel said...

You look so beautiful in this picture Danielle!