Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Little Sister- 8 months

Our little Madelyn Kate is growing so FAST!!
When I sat down to catch up on some blogging, I knew one of the things I wanted to write about was our sweet baby girl. She's now 8 months old, and we are just beside ourselves in love with her. Bryan and I feel extremely blessed to be her mom and dad, and the kids adore her. As in the 'sweet baby talk, bringing her toys, taking turns "being in charge" of her, kisses and tickles, helping dress and feed her' kind of love. 
Madelyn's the best baby...so happy, content, and easy going. She's super smiley and right now can be happy in many peoples arms. She's quick to locate me in the room, but will let others hold her and play with her. 
She's a mama's girl, and I do admit we spend a lot of time bonding. Being at home with the kids is still the BEST job I can think of! She's my side-kick, and most everywhere I go she comes along. 
She's a champ nurser, always has been, and I just treasure that time we spend together. She started some solids at about 5 months and does well eating most varieties of pureed baby food. She's also a patient eater, as she's often fed by an enthusiastic big brother and sweet big sister with less developed aim and consistency than mama. She just smiles through it all. She's getting the hang of a sippy cup with a tiny bit of water in it, and has tried some little puffs.
Since birth Madelyn's sleep habits have been pretty varied. After passing through the newborn stage of frequent night wakings and feedings, she settled into sleeping through the night for a couple months. That was unexpected for us, and something we hadn't experienced with the other two kids. But, it was short lived, when around 4 months she decided she liked our night time togetherness. :) That's where we've been for the last few months, until just recently when she's moved away from sleeping swaddled, falls asleep well and sleeps for longer chunks of time. She joined Makenah in the girls' room, in her crib, at about 3 months old, and they are sweet sharing a room. Makenah is a fantastic big sister and is so understanding of Madelyn's needs, and for the most part is very accommodating of her little sister. Their room is a sea of pink! :)
Some things about Madelyn at 8 mo.
*She has her two bottom middle teeth, which are the CUTEST little things in that smile!
*She is easily entertained by any of us, and she especially enjoys watching Makenah and Logan. 
*Her favorite toys are teether chew toys, her FP House that makes noise, big blocks, rattles, soft books...but really, anything the kids put in her face she wants to suck on and play with! She likes to jump in her bouncer too.
*She has the sweetest, softest cubby skin. She's solid, with cheeks and legs you just can't help but squeeze. She's been our biggest baby on the growth charts, and we adore every inch of her.
*She has the Stucky eyebrow(can raise one), long lashes, blue eyes, soft blondish brown hair, a nose like her big siblings, and a giggle to melt your heart.
*She's nice and sturdy sitting up, and can go from laying to sitting now too. She has been up on all 4s for awhile, and after sliding and scooting backwards for a couple weeks, seems to have gotten the hang of crawling. Look out world.
*She loves baths and will splash and play in the bubbles, and then lean over and start gnawing on the side of the little plastic bath tub. 
*She's an awesome traveler and car seat rider. I'm thankful she rides in the car so well, since we are on the go a lot! 

Madelyn's been on lots of adventures since she was born, and once she joined our family we hit the ground running as a crew of five. 
Some highlights of exciting places Madelyn has been...
-Uncle Blake and Aunt Brooke's wedding on June 27, 2015. This was actually Madelyn's first major outing, and she was 3 weeks old. (As opposed to the 10 day old baby we were expecting to take to the wedding based on her due date!) 
-4th of July
-Hiking at Scott Park
-GC Zoo
-July Woodland Park Trip that included her first time jeeping, going to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and the Dinosaur Museum in WP.
-Wichita Co. Fair in Leoti
-GC Concert in the Park
-Splash Park trips
-The start of school in August
-Tumbleweed Festival
-Her first CO Camping Adventure! (2 nights in a tent!)
-Santa's Workshop Amusement Park in CO Springs
-Labor Day trip to Frisco CO with lots of Jeepin' time and Breck Adventures
-She went to see Beth Moore with me in Wichita!
-Friday night football in GC
-The pumpkin patch and Halloween Trick or Treating
-Suessical the Musical at GCHS
-GC Christmas Parade
-Friends University Nutcracker
-Exploration Place

I debated how to organize pictures in conjunction with other posts to follow, but decided to just go for it, not worrying about duplicating later on! So, here's Madelyn Kate on the go!

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