Wednesday, October 13, 2010

7 months

Makenah is 7 months old!
Time just flies by, doesn't it? 
It really is so true...what people say about how fast your kids grow. 
I imagined it would be so, but I didn't truly understand until I became a mom. Now I get it!
At 7 months...
Makenah is a complete sweetheart, our precious little "Ladybug." She has developed such a fun personality, and she is loving, silly, playful, and curious. She's always making us laugh. Such a happy baby! She smiles all the time--they come so freely. It is so fun to be out and about with her, because people like to stop to meet her. 
She loves to play with her toys, and will sit on the floor and pull each one out of her basket. She also likes to jump in her jumper and gets really excited. She's really into standing with our help right now, and wants to be up in that position as much as she can. She rolls all over to get where she wants to move too. She's pushing her little body up, and we can see her trying to learn how to pull or crawl. 
She is a great eater, and likes all the fruits and vegetables. She seems to be eating more and more each day. She enjoys sitting up in her high chair, and seeing what's going on.  And, she's a pretty good sleeper...and an extra good napper! 
Makenah loves to "talk!" I haven't heard any ma-mas or da-das just yet. She's pretty chatty though, and squeals, giggles, and vocalizes so much. And, she wants everything to go straight into her mouth so she can check it out. :)
I'm so thankful for Makenah! She's a blessing in our lives, and being her mom is absolutely wonderful. 
Happy 7th month Ladybug! 

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