Sunday, October 17, 2010

Aunt Jenna

Makenah's Aunt Jenna is so special! 
Jen is Makenah's only aunt (at least for right now... :), and they are just so sweet together. 
She lives in Colorado Springs, and makes sure to come and visit often! 
Not only is Jen a wonderful sister, she is a awesome aunt!!
Jen was here for the weekend, so I got a few pictures of the two girls.

This one is from 7 months ago though... :)
Eating lunch together...
Playing at the park...
We're already looking forward to when Aunt Jenna comes to visit again.
I'm so glad that Makenah has Aunt Jenna.
Aunts are just awesome, aren't they?!  

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Jenna said...

Oh my! I just met another Jenna this week. I've never thought my name was common. Fun to know another! I'm also realizing we've GOT to get Will to a park with swings. I think he's love it!