Monday, June 27, 2011

Deer Day

I meant to post this two days ago, but got caught up in fun stuff I'll share about later.

There are lots of random days throughout the year that I can remember what happened on that day in years past. In addition to the usual things that come to mind like anniversaries and birthdays, I frequently find myself thinking back to other events that have effected me. (I often do this through pictures.)
One such day for us was June 25, 2008 when we had a head on collision with a deer. Bryan and I were on our way to Garden City where we were meeting up with his family to head to Colorado for the annual bike trip. We were about 20 minutes past Hutchinson on Highway 50, and a HUGE buck jumped out from the trees on the passenger side. Bryan had no time to slow down and we hit it going 65-70mph. It smashed into us so hard. Airbags went off, tires went flat, and it knocked out the computer controls to the jeep. Bryan had to keep us going straight on the road while traffic on the opposite side passed. He stayed so calm and got us pulled off to the side of the road.
We were both fine, just a little shook up. Especially me! Ha! (It wasn't funny at the time, but we can look back and laugh now at my reaction after the airbags went off and we finally got stopped. I did not know this then, but apparently the gas propellant that sets the airbag off smells terrible. I did not know what that smell was and thought the jeep was going to blow up! So, I was a little frantic.)

Long night made short, we called a tow truck that took us back to Newton. Poor Casey couldn't fit in the cab of the truck with us, so he was in the Jeep being towed. My Dad drove from Hesston to come get us. We spent the night in Hesston that night, and left from there for Garden City in the morning in my parents Explorer.

The Jeep was ALMOST totaled. We were relieved that we had good insurance coverage. Wow! It was in the shop for a long time, and got a big facelift. It came back as good as new, and now every time we pass that section of Highway 50 we think back to that night. How thankful we are for our safety.  

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