Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Backyard time

There are many things that we enjoy about Bryan's parent's backyard--the shade, the pretty trees, and the covered patio. One extra great place is the basketball court that has become a space for so many activites. One night it became a wagon track.

Papa pulled us around in the big wagon. It's a sturdy and smooth ride. We put some extra padding in there for comfort. 
I couldn't resist taking my turn pulling. There is just something about a cutie in a wagon. 
Oh, the cuteness.
Debbie has beautiful flowers in the backyard. 
Someone kept getting in my face. Casey just manages to be everywhere.
And here is Sarah. Sarah and Casey continue to be a funny pair. They can go from sleeping on the floor together one minute to pouncing on each other the next. They are good friends. 
Even Bryan tested the wagon. 
And Brandon pulled Makenah and MeMe too!
Bryan and his brothers did so many activities on this cement area in the backyard when they were younger It still gets used a lot to this day. He always says that he hopes our house someday can have a big area to play like this. That would be awesome!

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