Friday, October 28, 2011

So girly

One thing I have come to love about this blog is that I have a place to archive so many sweet and funny moments we have around here. The everyday things that I want to remember. The things that make us sit back and laugh, or shake our heads, or just watch in amazement. I enjoy grabbing the camera and trying to catch as many as I can. 

Last night we went on a walk and bundled up with our coats and hats, so first thing this morning, Makenah grabbed her coat and hat and put them on, in addition to the pink shorts from the other day. Everything over her pj's. (She's really into putting clothes on right now, and gets them out of her drawer and tries to put multiple layers on over each other...) So, she hung out like that for awhile. I am sure she was nice and snuggly, which was good since it was pretty frosty this morning. 
We later found ourselves in our bathroom putting some things away, and she pulled out some of my nail polish. She lined them on the bathub and promptly put her foot up, like she has seen me do several times to do my nails, pretending to "paint" her nails. 
What a little girly girl we have. We are enjoying watching all the things she is picking up from us, even the little things. A good reminder that we are teaching so much, even when we don't realize it. We are trying to be strong examples of the qualities we want Makenah to learn. 
So thankful for the little moments. 

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