Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hugs, books, and apples

This day started out with lots of love for Casey. Getting Makenah up in the morning is a highlight of the day because it is filled with sweetness. Love and sweet greetings for me, rocking and kissing her puppy before putting him down, sweet chattering of her favorite words, giggles and smiles, and always checking on Casey. She'll call "Sase-ey, Sase-ey, and pat her tummy, which means "come." If he doesn't come trotting into her room, she'll go greet him wherever he is. 
Later on, it was time to read to the dolls. The new highlight is sitting in the recliner, which she can now proudly crawl into herself. 
Then, at lunch time, I had the refrigerator door open, and Makenah helped herself to an apple. Opened the drawer, pulled it out and dug in. Since I wanted to watch the cuteness and grab some pictures, I quick gave it a good wash and sat back. Apples, or "ah-ples" are a favorite right now, but they are usually cut up, so I was impressed to see her go to town on this one. She loved it. 
I love these everyday moments. 

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