Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The sweetest little bumblebee

We had SUCH a fun night with Makenah for Halloween. I wasn't quite sure how the whole fluffy costume and trick-or-treating would go at this age, and if she was quite old enough to enjoy any of it, but we were so impressed with her, and we all had a blast! It was awsome!
I am, of course, totally biased, but is this not the cutest little bumblebee you have ever seen?!
She got all dolled up and we headed outside to visit some of the houses in the neighborhood. We rode in the wagon to the houses and then we walked up by the porches. I helped with the "trick-or-treat" part, and then she would gently pick a piece of candy from their bowls, put in her sack right away, and then loud and clearly say "Thank you!" ("Tane you") She really likes carrying that bag!
We also drove over to Uncle Jeff and Aunt Pam's house to say hello!
When we got home, she took her sack, emptied all the candy to look at, and even sampled some! It was so cute to watch her...looking like such a big girl!
For some reason she decided right away that this Reese's was for Casey. Not sure why, but she kept trying to share it with him. She would call and call for him to come get it. I was sure hoping that one was for me! ;-)
So thankful for the beautiful evening to enjoy with Bryan and Makenah. We all had a great time!
Halloween 2011=Tons of fun! 

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