Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer is here!

I think summer has officially started at our house! 
We made our first trip to the neighborhood pool yesterday with our friends, and we had a great time! We swam, talked, snacked and enjoyed the warm sun.

I made her pose by the front door. Ha!
Just one of many front door pictures I'm sure...
She was SO excited to be back at the pool. She's pretty steady in the water, but stays fairly close to the edge. She got right in even though it was quite cold and enjoys playing with toys in there. 
She was pretty serious at the start, while she got reacquainted with the water. 
Logan was relaxing in his carrier. He did great while we were there. He was awake for a little bit at the start, and then fell asleep and took a shady nap for the remainder of our time there. 
This is Makenah's friend Will. He is the son of my dear friend Jenna. Makenah talks about him a lot, and likes to have play time with him and see him in Sunday School. I wanted to get some pictures of them together, because both our families will be embarking on new chapters soon, and I always want to be able to remember these two at two years old. 
And these two beautiful girls are Danni and Remi. Not only is Danni an amazing friend, but her daughter Remi has become another of Makenah's favorite little friends. We have shared so many fun times together, and Makenah think Remi is pretty great!
Snack break. There is always time for a snack break if you ask Makenah. 
We are already looking forward to going back!

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