Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Smiles and Piggies

It didn't take long to get big, sweet smiles from little Logan. His gaze meets ours and...
Ta-da! Sweetness! 
 Love it!
And, Makenah Grace wore pigtails for the first time today. Usually she won't slow down enough for me to do much except brush that long hair. If I try hard, I get a clip in to pull it out of her face. If I really try hard, I can get her to stop for a ponytail. Today though, I got lucky and she sat still and let me put in some pigtails. I told her I wanted to put piggies in her hair, and I think she was curious enough to see what I meant to sit still for me to try. I had to move fast. Not my best effort, but SO cute!!
Back of the head only, you ask? 
Every time I pointed the camera at her, she would run to me and ask to see the images on the camera. I couldn't move fast enough to get her picture before she took off to me. So, I had to settle for sneaking up behind her. Ha!

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