Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tumbleweed Festival and more

My iphone update this week includes mostly pictures I got when we took in the Tumbleweed Festival last weekend here in Garden City. This weekend family event was put on by the local churches and had lots of good food, fun activites for the kids, music, and more. We spent the morning on Saturday walking around and taking in the sights, doing the art tent, listening to the music in the park and then eating lunch from several of the vendors. Fair type food is sure heavy, but man, as a treat at events like this, it was so yummy!
On Saturday night we met Bryan's parents and some friends for the main evnt concert in the park, featuring the Christian band Kutless. It was so much fun! Makenah was a hoot and thoroghly enjoyed herself. She was groovin' to the music and stayed so busy being social. Logan was a good boy too...he let us put ear plugs in, was happy most of the time, and then slept in my arms when bedtime rolled around. 

From the morning...
The event was held in a park area at the zoo. It was a beautiful day!
Logan's first ride in the BOB stroller. It was good for napping. 
At the concert...
She was really getting into the music for awhile!
 I did a horrible job at getting a group picture, but here's us taking in the evening. 
We were pretty impressed that GC brought in Kutless. They did a great job, had a wonderful message to go along with the music, and the crowd was big!

A few others from this week. 
He wedged himself right under the couch! He looked pretty proud.
 Big girl in a booster seat at breakfast.
Casey likes to just lay and watch Logan play. I caught Logan rubbing his feet on Casey's feet. It was adorable. He was rubbing them with his whole foot, up and down. 
 And, a few trying to get onto his knees. 

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