Tuesday, September 25, 2012


A few of the things I've seen through my phone lens lately. 

I don't even mind this picture is blurry. I'll take blurry pictures of kisses any day. 
 Naptime looks a little different these days. There is always quiet time in her room, and most days she will end up falling asleep on her bed. Every once and awhile, she will crash on her chair with a book. 
 On the road to Colorado. She got a kids meal and made some head gear. 
Two funny things about this cereal box. 
1. She calls this "Chicken cereal" because there is a rooster on it. 
2. The other morning, when she saw the front, she said, "hey, that's volleyball." I laughed and then tried to figure out how she knew that was a famous volleyball player. There isn't even a ball on the box anywhere. We did watch our fair share of this gal during the Olympics though...
 Getting her sticker after story time.
 Posing at the library.
 Who wouldn't want to feed this guy?!
 Walking around the zoo.
 She wanted to go see the flamingoes so she could stand like them. 
 More cute brother.
 I don't think you can go to the zoo without sitting on the statues. 
 These two large cats were really checking us out. 
 This jaguar was telling us something. Yikes. 
 Feeding the fish.
 Grandma and Grandpas new house in Garden City has play equipment in the back! Playing with Aunt Jenna and Uncle Aaron. 
 First time in a swing. 
 How can you not take a prune face picture? 
 Making cookies from the cookbook she checked out at the library.
 And, just this morning...checking in on the elephants. We need to learn their names, we are there so much! 

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