Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Still heavy

Phew! We hiked again with our packs in CO.
The verdict: The kids are still heavy. 
I was a little concerned as we started out on this one, it was more uphill than I was expecting, but it turned out ok, and we tackled another trail. 
I only took a few pictures with my phone on this one, so I asked Bryan's brother Brandon to share a few with me. He's awesome, so of course, he said sure!
We found plenty of Lamb's ear growing. It does in fact look like a lamb's ears.
 The kids were awesome. 
Couldn't ask for better hike riders. 
In fact, the first morning we woke up in CO, we woke to Makenah standing by Bryan's side of the bed. I rubbed my eyes and snapped into reality quick enough to hear her shout right at Bryan's face (this was 5:30 in the morning, if that helps you picture this...) "Daddyyyyy, wake up!! It's light outside!! It's time to go hiking!!!!" 
So, good time had by all!

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