Friday, July 19, 2013

July phone pictures

Here's a good chunk of my July phone pictures.
A lot of good memories. 
Playing the backyard.
 So big at the park.
 She's got balance!
 For the 4th of July we were at Bryan's parents and both of our families were there!
Blocks with Aunt Maria. 
 Cool guys. Such a fun Uncle.
 Sharing M&Ms.
 Sampling the ice cream!
 Watching the fireworks!
 Loving dance class. 
 Playing in the rain. 
 We love the spray park!
 Messy guy.
 Checking out the motorcycle shop in CO Springs.
 Bikes at REI.
 Hiking partners.
 Lamb's Ear on Blake. 
 The view during the hike.
 Makenah had some help picking a few flowers during the hike. 
 On top of Pikes Peak. 
 Our favorite park in CO.
 Back in GC at the park with Grandma. 
Serious driver. 
 Big time block stacking.
 First eye doctor visit. 
She did amazing.
So sweet, polite and did everything he asked!
 Trike riding with Mimi and Papa.
 Story time playing. 
 Spray park in Logan's hat. 
 Zoo playground afterwards.
 Makenah made rice crispy treat balls. 
 Reading in his room. 
 Total love. 
Glad its Friday!!
Have a great weekend!

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