Thursday, March 6, 2014

Makenah's 4th Birthday Party

We celebrated Makenah the evening before her birthday with a big family party here at the house. The build up to her birthday was big, and we even had a count down calendar going to help visualize how long until it got here. She had opinions on what she wanted her party to be like and she helped pick out the plates and party-ware. She said she wanted balloons and streamers(Check!), princesses(Check!), and she picked out the flower cake mold for me to use(Check!) 

One of my favorite things to do is make the birthday sign. 
 We had balloons all over the place. 
 Party balls and hanging decor.
 I made lots of pom poms and we put them all over the kitchen and living room.
 Another request: "blowers"
 All the things she picked out…and even arranged for me on the table. 
 She told me the cake was beautiful…that made it worth it. I'd make that girl a million cakes though.
 Big request: She wanted pink party punch. I knew exactly the kind she wanted. The pink lemonade/Sprite/raspberry sherbet combo.
After we ate a big supper together, we moved right on to presents. 
Awesome kitchen supplies for helping me in the kitchen from Grandma and Grandpa, lots of arts and crafts supplies from Mimi and Papa, birthday money from Granna and Grandad, and fun travel art kits from cousins Lana and Roger. 
 We got her a princess dress up dress, with a matching outfit for her American girl doll.
 We made her hide her eyes for her special present from us.
 She thought that was so funny and couldn't figure out what that was all about. 
 She's had her heart set on a fish for awhile now, and we thought that would be a great birthday present. She talked about fish all the time and kept asking for one for a pet for her. 
 She opened more presents that were all the supplies she needed. Aquarium, rocks, trees, food, accessories. 
 Putting it together.
Bryan had everything prepped so it was ready to put together. 
 She chose a spot on her dresser.
Welcome to our family Sally. 
 We did cake after that. 
 Makenah (and Logan and I) spent all the days prior to her birthday nursing a cold and we all continue  to even now. Bryan had the respectful idea to go ahead and cut her piece of cake and let her blow out her candles all over that one piece of cake, instead of the whole thing, ha! (That's the health care professional for you, thinking of germs!) Smart!
 She wanted four candles AND the #4. 
 Logan was a such a good boy all night. 
 Checking out a few presents before we called it a night. 
Our goal was to make her feel really special for her birthday, and I think we accomplished that. As Bryan was tucking her in after her party, she just sighed and smiled and said she wanted to dream about  how she had the best birthday ever. Love.
Even better, we still had her whole birthday the next day to keep celebrating her.
Happy Birthday to our big girl, Makenah Grace. 

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