Sunday, March 23, 2014


We're getting used to this spring-y weather…I hope the trend means warm days are here to stay!
 Snuggling with Papa.
 Being creative with Uncle Jeff.
 Treats Makenah took for her classmates on her birthday.
 Birthday morning before school.
 After school we took the kids to the local nursery and pet shop…we looked at all the animals and pets, and then ate lunch at the garden cafe there. So fun!!
 Scoops of ice cream, specially chosen from the ice-cream counter.
 Watching closely…I'll have to blog more about one of Bryan's new projects…it needs pictures to do it justice. :) After we added Makenah's new fish tank to our family, we are also now the proud owners of a bigger salt water tank. Bryan is really enjoying developing the ecosystem in there. It takes a lot of work to get one up and running. He and Makenah bond over fish. :)
 Blowing out more candles on a piece of birthday cake. 
 Happy meals at McDonalds with Mimi and some sweet friends after bible study. This is Makenah and her good friend from preschool and church. He's so funny and energetic…she's always totally into whatever he's doing. This picture makes me laugh…He only wanted to do the silly faced picture...
 Zoo with friends. 
 Out back with Daddy.
 Makenah helped me make rainbow fruit cups for Logan's birthday party.
 Dress up at Grandma's with our old costumes.
 The birthday boy on his special day. We spent the morning at Grandma's playing and then eating lunch, we went home for a nap and then everyone came over for his party!!
In the church nursery. 
 Sunday lunch at our favorite mexican place. They brought out dessert for Logan and Makenah.
 He's been breaking in his new bike.
 Trying everything she does.
 Shopping downtown… she discovered the 3 way mirror. 
 Celebrating Mimi's birthday!
 Park time.

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Jenna said...

Your pictures always make me smile. And your positive outook on life is contagious. We need to catch up!