Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It's Spring!

I'm saying spring is here! Hooray for warmer days, sunshine, playing outside and the month of April! 
I haven't had my big camera out much lately, but I've been keeping track of the everyday with my phone. 

I came into her room and saw one of her bibles propped in front of Sally's tank. I asked her what she was doing. She said "Sally wanted to read the bible." 
Love it. 
 Sam's trip.
 Hunting for treasures.
 "Mom, take our picture."
(She's been calling us mom and dad a lot… does that means she's getting big? ugh!)
Everything is "Mom, watch me _____." "Dad can you _____?" "Mom, check this out!" 
 This is how we go through the car wash. He doesn't mind the loud swishing, but he doesn't want to see it. 
 Rhythm instruments at story time. 
 In the nature explore center at the library.
 Bryan came home for lunch, and she had just removed her clothes for the day and redressed in a dress that she felt was more twirly and appropriate for dancing. She asked him if he wanted to dance, and so he gave her a little lesson in dancing. It was completely precious. 
 Heading out to a birthday party for their little friend from church.
 Trying to get the kite up!
 He loves corn on the cob!!
 Makenah always wants to tuck in Logan and "take care of him." She gets a pillow and their blankets and tell him where to lay and covers him. 
 Making cookies for church.
 Snacks outside. They'd come take a bite then run back to the play set and then run back for another bite, then go swing, then come back. Repeat. Wasn't it completely gorgeous today? We played outside for a long time, grilled steak for supper, and even got in our first lawn mow of the season. 
Happy Spring!

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