Friday, May 2, 2014

More Easter!!

Pictures from the rest of the trip.
There's never any doubt we'll spend time time exploring in the mountains with the Jeep. Even the day we went to do some shopping we had to take the mountainous back road. :) 
 It's not uncommon to have to get out and check out the terrain ahead. 
Granna and Grandad! 
 When Bryan's Uncle Steve, Aunt Cristal and cousins Alexa, Jack and Allie were in WP with us, they came jeeping too!
Makenah LOVES each of them. Loves loves loves them. 
 So does this guy, he just wouldn't join that picture. :)
Having Allie ride with us made for their best jeep excursion ever. 
Really though, they are fantastic passengers, and we have a pretty fun time!
 Another trip out we saw lots of wildlife.
We were on some pretty rocky stuff. I think the picture below is one of our favorites we've gotten for awhile. Bryan is a great driver, I think I've said that before…he's got a good balance between adventurous and level headed-ness. He's a daredevil, but doesn't compromise our safety. This was AWESOME!
 Picnicking part way through. 
This was their highlight!
 Stepping out to help navigate.
 This day we stopped at the awesome park on the way home. 

 And finally, Chipotle on the way back to Kansas. 
Happy May!

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