Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day

A few quick photos from Mother's Day 2014. 
It goes down in the book as a lovely Sunday, church, time spent with both of my mothers, lunch out as a whole Billings/Stucky family on a hot sunshine-y day.
That capped a weekend where Jenna, Aaron and Maria came home for a visit, and we spent lots of time together! I've got a few pictures of that for my phone update!

My mothers, and my cutie :) 
I can't say enough about these women. How lucky are we to get to raise these babies with our moms just around the corner? I love them so much! And, the kids adore them. They are kind, generous, helpful, sweet, fun, so loving. The are wonderful role models and extremely supportive.
Happy Mother's Day again, Grandma and Mimi! :) 
 Come here Logan.
 Please take a picture with me Logan.
 Quick, try one more.
 He's happiest running around. He's a bit too busy to stand for pictures right now, and that's ok. 
It was a wonderful day!
Makenah enjoyed giving special gifts to her Grandma and Mimi, and Bryan and the kids took special care of me. My afternoon included a nap…I can't think of the last time I had a nap! And, Bryan cooked supper!! I was spoiled! :)

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