Sunday, March 15, 2015

Logan Kent is Three!

Today we celebrated our boy, Logan.
What a wonderful and beautiful day we had to focus on what a special boy he is. 
A gorgeous Sunday to get excited with him about being three years old!
(I got completely sidetracked looking at precious pictures while getting a few to show his growth. My heightened emotions got the best of me several time...:)
Newborn Logan at the hospital
 Our first family picture
 3 months
 6 months
 1 year old
 18 months
 2 years old
 2 1/2 years old
And, now I'll need to post a picture of our new 3 year old!

Logan Kent at 3 years old...
~Loves dinosaurs, trains, playing "check-up," reading books together, play-doh and art, building tracks for trains and cars, getting to use the iPad, playing tea party with Makenah's dishes, riding his trike or scooter, swinging outside, and following Makenah around.
~The boy loves to snack. He's not a big eater, but sure likes to be munching often. 
~He loves his sissy, and would play pretty much anything she wanted, but now that he is developing opinions of his own, and she is particular, there are some conflicts. :) He just loves to be around her though.
~He loves his daddy, and likes to help and follow him around the house. He also knows that daddy is the one to wrestle with and roughhouse a little. He thinks daddy's motorcycles are awesome and I'm pretty sure the two of them are going to bond over a love of those and riding them for many years to come.
~He's fast and strong...I'm anxious to see how much he weighs for his age group at his check-up...he's always been on the smaller side, but man, he is muscular and speedy. Logan is tough and will often just shout "I'm o-tay" if he falls or runs into something. He's quick to bounce back. 
~He loves his all his family so much, and luckily we get to see them all often. He could just sit and play with one of them for hours, and I love the special relationships he has.
~He has started to really like to helping me in the kitchen, and I've been glad to be able to get him in on some cooking in the kitchen when big sis, the resident 2nd cook around here, is at school. He especially likes to stir and taste. 
~Logan is so sweet and funny. Now that he has a pretty full vocabulary, he is always saying things to make us laugh. He's silly and ornery and likes to tease.

We had a dinosaur party today to celebrate him, and it was attended by so many who love him. Our smooshy newborn with dark hair is now a little boy whose soft hair blows as he runs, and we love him so much! 
Happy Birthday to our babe!

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