Sunday, July 26, 2015

Our Madelyn Kate

Hey there!
It's past time for me to introduce our sweet baby girl officially on the blog! While I know that the blog audience has already met and fallen in love with her, I would just kick myself if I didn't get back at this and document her arrival!

Thursday night, June 4th, I began to have stronger contractions around 10:00pm. They were easy to distinguish as getting closer and stronger, since I was so familiar with the feel of contractions. From about the middle of my second trimester on, I had experienced pretty frequent braxton hicks contractions, that at times during my third trimester began to come more often. But this baby girl knew what she was doing, and they were never close enough or quite frequent enough to worry too much. I am very thankful to have had Bryan's watchful and trained eye over me my entire pregnancy. Not only is he a supportive husband, but he is a skilled practitioner. I was in good hands at home!
When we noticed they were coming more often, I began to time them, and we got really excited! I got my things together and we let the contractions go on for about an hour and a half. At that time we called my mom to come and stay with the kids, and Bryan called the OB floor to let them know we were on our way. 
One last picture...38 weeks, 2 days.
(Several of the nurses had decorated the room so sweetly for us! I was very surprised when we arrived. Streamers on the windows and doors, signs and balloons, and an "M" for Madelyn. They even left treat bags for Makenah and Logan.)
Shortly after midnight we arrived and got checked in and settled into our room. I was set up with everything I needed and we got ready to have a baby. When I arrived at the hospital I was already 7 cm dilated. In addition to lots of practice contractions, I've also always dilated fairly early in all three pregnancies. (I was 2-3cm at 35 weeks, 3-4 cm at 36 weeks, 4-5 cm at 37 weeks...) The next few hours went fairly fast, as my contractions became more frequent. I got an epidural in place for when the contractions would become more painful. We just relaxed and talked. I was very calm, and we were just enjoying the moments together. I was checked a couple of times and progressing great, and then shortly after 3am I told Bryan that I was feeling quite a bit of pressure, and even though I wasn't quite sure, he thought it would be best for them to take a look. I was 10 cm and ready to go! 
They prepped me to push and reminded me how to do the breathing and pushes, and it was time. One contraction came, I pushed a couple times, and there she was!
Madelyn Kate Stucky! I couldn't believe she was finally here!
They gave her right too me and we snuggled skin to skin while everything wrapped up. After that they took her measure and wrapped her up for us. 
She was born at 3:18am
7 lbs. 5.7 oz.
20 in. long
Bryan was in on the action!
She's absolutely perfect and we are in L-O-V-E!
 I tried to soak in every minute of that night. It was such a surprise that it was time for her to come...and it felt like it all happened so fast. I absolutely love labor...I'm thankful for such a smooth and easy delivery. The excitement, the emotions, all the wonderful feelings...I just love it.
We didn't really sleep after she was born, just kind of rested and soaked her in. I was still reeling with emotion and excitement and it was only a few hours until morning anyway.
 Not too many hours later, we had visitors!
The kids were in awe. They love her, and these were wonderful moments together getting to introduce Makenah and Logan to their sister. 
 The kids each brought Madelyn a gift, so they helped open them for her.
 And we had something things for them from their new baby sister!
 That looks like a father of three!
We spent the day snuggling and resting.
 The next day Bryan brought the kids back and we all went home together! I loved that!
 Her very first picture at home...
 We're coming up on Madelyn turning 2 months old. I have lots of adorable pictures to share and thoughts on our sweet baby. Makenah and Logan are the SWEETEST with her! They are proud and helpful big siblings. They love her to pieces and think she is the cutest! They are always aware of where she is, and always talking in cute little baby talk voices to her. I am super proud of them, and thankful for their big, loving hearts. 

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