Thursday, December 16, 2010

9 months

On December 4th Makenah turned 9 months old.
9 months sounds like a lot. (I think that every month though. I am already thinking that the double digit 10 months will sound big! :)
This was a wonderful month, and so many fun things are going on.
If you put Makenah on the floor, you better keep your eye on her! She's on the move, and stands to turn into a quick little thing. Right now, she is her fastest when she is going backwards (ha!) but can now go forward too. 
She is so silly and is starting to imitate noises or sounds that you make. Her best ones are funny little fake coughs, vibrating her lips/blowing spit bubbles, and high pitched squeals. :) 
Her favorite word is da-da. She "sings" a lot (squeals and squeaks) and jabbers too. She's an expert with the "ba" and the "da". I can't wait for the "ma" sound to come! 
We've still got a great eater! I hope that continues. She has started to eat some finger foods as well and is getting the hang of feeding herself. 
We had a great 9 month check up at the doctor too! She is happy and healthy, and we are so thankful for great reports all around. At 9 months, she weighs 18 lbs. 6 oz and is 27 inches long. 
If you saw the pictures, you know that she pulled to standing for the first time recently. She is really interested in everything around her, and is always busy looking at something, trying to get somewhere, or playing with her toys. She is loving books right now, and she can help turn a page or will close the book(sometimes before we are done! :) Bath time is also a favorite. She has always loved baths, and I think she just gets more and more excited about them. 
We just love her big smile. She's got 4 teeth in now. Two on the bottom and two new ones just barely in on top.
We've gotten to do some many fun and new things this past month! We are so thankful to have Makenah! Everyday seems to bring something exciting!
We love you ladybug!

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