Sunday, December 5, 2010

Makenah's new quilt!

Makenah's Aunt Jenna made her a beautiful quilt!
My sister Jenna has so many talents, and one of them is sewing.
Jen sewed this whole quilt for Makenah by hand. 
Jenna, mom, and I picked out this material together before Makenah was born. 
It was so much fun picking out different fabrics, not knowing how they would all come together. 
(My family jokes that I have no vision for the final product of projects.)
I was SO excited to see it!
As you can imagine, doing all this intricate stitching took a very long time. 
Jenna gave Makenah her quilt on Thanksgiving!
We absolutely LOVE it!
Can you see all those stitches?! I love the pattern of them!
This is the back side. Polka dots!
Thank you so much, Jenna, for the beautiful quilt you made! 
Makenah is very lucky to have it!!

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Jenna said...

WoW! This is beautiful and such a neat keepsake for Makenah. How special!