Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful and blessed Christmas with family and friends.
Here are some of the pictures from our Christmas card this year. :)
Since we didn't get to use them all, I thought I could post them on here!
All the family pictures were taken by Bryan's talented brother Brandon.
He was fun, and very patient! Ha!
We also had his brother Blake and mom Debbie organizing and being silly for Makenah!
And, how do you get a family picture with a dog?
It's hard.
Bryan was in charge of keeping him in line. 
He ended up where he wanted. Front and center, right by Bryan. :)
Makenah loves Casey!
While we didn't get a picture with them both looking at us, we did capture what Makenah likes to do with Casey.
Crawl on him, and pull his hair. :)
He is so patient.
Lots of pictures from Christmas to come!
We had a great time with our families!
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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