Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stucky Bike Trip 2011

We recently returned from the annual summer trip to Colorado. Bryan, his dad, grandad and 3 brothers all got to enjoy some dirt bike and 4 wheeling time in the mountains. During the day, the girls got to relax, walk through the neighborhood, shop, and spend time together. In the past the guys have camped out, and so we have missed having them around for several days. This year, with plans to dirt bike, and with a burn ban in place, we were lucky to have them join us back at his grandparents house in Woodland Park each night. It was FUN being together. 

Bryan's grandparents live in a beautiful house in Woodland Park. They are such great hosts, and we have fun all staying together at their house. We also got to see my sister, Jenna, who lives in Colorado Springs on Saturday. We were so glad to see her!

Some pictures from the trip...
The view of Pikes Peak from the house.
Each of the vehicles arriving back from the first day of riding...
Dirty bikes. :)
And, dirty guys.
More pictures to come.
Consider this Part One!

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