Tuesday, December 6, 2011


There are a few things about bath time and this picture that make me happy. Things I want to remember forever.
1. The classic shampoo time mohawk. Who can resist forming such cuteness with lathered up hair.
2. Big, sweet eyes. They just gaze in wonder.
3. The fun we have with bubbles. She says "bubbles" in such a cute way! I can't even figure out how to type it! 
4. One last piece of tape on that first cut. What a trooper she was, and its healing up nicely. 
5. Our little ladybug, still so petite. Those eyelashes, button nose, and sweet smile.
6. Me leaning in over the side of the tub to help lather up. My growing baby belly getting in the way.
7. Our big girl who can help wash herself now. She loves to use soap!
8. Laying down to "swim" and kick and splash.
9. Lining up all the toys on the side of the tube one by one and then knocking them all back in. 
10. Daddy snapping pictures we will treasure forever. I love this one! 

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Debbie said...

I love those big blue eyes! This picture and what you wrote is so sweet!