Thursday, December 15, 2011

The tradition of the tree

Last year, for Makenah's first Christmas, one of the traditions that we started was cutting down our own Christmas tree as a family. We were looking forward to it again this year, and even though we managed to hit another cold day, picking out a tree together at Prairie Pines is worth it!
They have several fields for you to walk through with different varieties of trees. 
Me and my girl.
We found it!
 We all liked the tree and so Bryan got to work. He makes cutting down a tree look easy.
Makenah had to go and inspect and touch the branches.
 Tagged up and ready to be shaken and bagged.
Shaking all the needles off. 
 At this point we went inside to pay and see the pretty decorations again. We also considered stopping to see Santa again this year. I knew I would have to sit with her...Well, before I could take more than one step towards him, she burst into tears. We left that room quickly!
We got the tree home, in water and promptly decorated it! Makenah loves the lights on it, as well as the garland around the living room. If I haven't turned them on yet when she gets up in the morning, she makes sure to remind me to go around and turn them on.
For last year's tree adventure, you can go here.

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